Mercado Livre no celular: como comprar? [Passo a passo]

Mercado Livre on mobile: how to buy? [Passo a passo]

The Free Market known for being one of the best sites for sales and purchases among users. It works for both virtual auctions and people who want to sell new or used items at a fixed price. Fortunately, it is also possible to use Mercado Livre on mobile phones, since it has excellent mobile applications.

The process is as simple and safe as in the web version. If you want some tips, we'll show you how to use Mercado Livre on your phone with a step-by-step guide. Check out more below!

Free Market App

Well, first of all, let's talk about how to use Mercado Livre on cell phones. It can be downloaded for Android on the Google Play Store or on the iPhone through the App Store.

The application totally free, light and works well even on older smartphones. Its functions are very similar to what we see on the website, so the use is also very simple.

Free Market on Mobile

With the app installed, time to learn how to use Mercado Livre on your phone. Let's go step by step!

Step 1

Open the Mercado Livre app on your mobile phone and choose the option to create an account from scratch or sign in to an existing account. In this case, it only depends on whether you actually have a free market account or need to create one.

enter the free market account

Step 2

Our second step takes us to the Mercado Livre home screen on mobile. Here you must click on the search bar at the top of the app and type the name of the product you are looking for.

free market home screen

Step 3

With the survey conducted, Mercado Livre will show you all products that are related to the terms you entered. Choose and click on the one that most interests you.

free market on cell opes

Step 4

On the product page, we will be able to see more information about its price, real photos taken by the seller and even the shipping price.

free market on cell phone product

Step 5

A little further down, we have the “Buy” and “Add to cart” button. The purchase button goes straight to the purchase screen, while the cart button places the product in your shopping cart with other products that you may be thinking of purchasing at once.

buy on the free market

Step 6

If you go further down the product page, you will also have access to the seller's reputation, more description of the condition of the product and possible questions that other interested parties have asked. It is always important to look at this part to make sure you are dealing with a good salesperson.

be a salesman

Step 7

When you have made your decision and click on "Buy", we will have to decide the freight you prefer first. There is always one more option, one of which can be faster, only more expensive.

purchase freight

Step 8

Next, we’ll choose our payment method. You can choose a card already registered in your account, you can register a new card or even pay for a ticket.

free market payment

Step 9

If you choose the boleto, he will give you a document to view on the web or to print. Usually the expiration date is not very long from the purchase date, so it is always good to pay as soon as possible when using Mercado Livre on your cell phone.


If you choose the credit card option, you can still choose whether or not to install your purchase. Some ads do not have interest for installments, while others end up having this extra fee.

Purchase confirmed!

With all of this done, your purchase will be completed as soon as payment is confirmed. It is worth remembering that payments by boleto usually take longer than by credit card.

But other than that, you should receive an email from Mercado Livre with confirmation and delivery details. Almost all purchases now have tracking code, as long as you can keep track of it on the carrier's website at all times.

Did you like the tips?

Did you learn how to use Mercado Livre on your cell phone in a few steps? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and if you managed to make your purchases on the Mercado Livre app.