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Menstrual Calendar, Childbirth and Ovulation App – Best

Many girls and women don't know yet, but there are already apps to take care of your menstrual calendar. Him able to tell you everything about your specific casesuch as when your period is scheduled to come, when your fertile period and when your ovulation will be.

These menstrual calendars have the information you need to know about yourself, and even have reminders for those taking contraceptive pills.

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At first you need to download and install the app on your smartphone. Then you should spend the first month answering questions the app asks about you and your body, such as how old, when you first started your menstruation, feel cyclic, and so on.

We decided to select 3 of the best apps to let you know all about your menstrual cycle without the slightest effort. Check out s:

Calendar of the Period

This great app for anyone who wants to get complete control of their menstrual cycle. With him, you get alerts to take birth control medicine, periods when you are likely to become pregnant, and which ones the days most likely for menstruation to come.

period calendar

The application has a security system in which you can add a password to gain access to it. This way you have complete privacy, not at the risk of other people having access to your information.

The app yet allows you to send reports obtained by him to your email, so you can take your doctor for any consultations and diagnoses.

You can back up everything you have in the app to your device or your personal email – It's all hassle free and with the utmost security and privacy. Data such as weight, height, symptoms, body temperature, sexual intercourse and various others are included in this backup.


  1. Check out pregnancy risks;
  2. Back up your data to your email or device;
  3. Keep in mind the exact date of your fertile periods and menstrual cycles;
  4. Choose from 43 symptoms and 64 mood types;
  5. Application design as a personal diary;
  6. Security and privacy guaranteed;
  7. Applications available in Portuguese and other languages.

Flo Menstrual Calendar, Pregnancy, Fertile Period

The Flo One app menstruation monitor, that can accurately calculate the days of fertile period, ovulation, probability of pregnancy and other features of your menstrual cycle.

Flo Menstrual Calendar

It is the kind of application that will discover everything about you so that there are no surprises. Him recommended even for women with irregular cyclesbecause you can build a pattern of your irregular cycle, making it totally regular for you.


  1. You can follow your menstrual cycle;
  2. Monitor your temperature and ovulation tests;
  3. Record the symptoms you experience daily;
  4. Monitor your management by counting the weeks of pregnancy;
  5. Receive daily articles on management and babies;
  6. Import or export data to Google;
  7. Monitor your social and healthy life with food and exercise;
  8. Schedule reminders to take birth control pills;
  9. Receive notifications about the nearness of your period;
  10. Visualize your age, temperature and water consumption by graphs;
  11. Create your personal account and register security passwords for complete privacy.


The Clue app is one of the most suitable among women because, besides being simple, super responsive and practical for daily handling. Him keep information about your menstrual cycle, daily emotions, reminders to take your birth control medicine, among others.

Clue Menstrual Calendar

This application is not as complete as the others mentioned above, however, it is quite efficient with the data it can say about you.


  1. Know when your next period will be;
  2. Receive notifications about your menstrual cycle;
  3. Find out what are the patterns of your cycle (regular and irregular);
  4. Monitor your emotional state each day and especially your PMS;
  5. Connect with other friends to share information;
  6. Use reports of your menstrual cycles to consult a gynecologist;
  7. Create an account to back up your information straight to your email;
  8. Know if you are prone to menstrual pains as your menstruation approaches;
  9. Compare your past and current cycles to establish a pattern of your cycle.

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