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Memos app makes text present in iOS photos searchable

Even though the iOS Native Photos app has its functions to search for images by date, location or even by what is shown in the photo (people, dogs, beach, etc.), it can still be hard to find anything in the thousands. photos you own. With that in mind, developer NoMad Sky has launched one more tool for you to search your images, the app Memos.

Memos app icon - Search Screenshots

Basically, he scans his entire iOS photo library for text from the poster of a store you photographed to a magazine page. The idea is really brilliant, as it is possible that someone will remember a word from a photo, but not exactly when or where it was taken and just at that time Memos comes into action.

When you first launch it, the app requires your permission to access your photo library and thus analyze all your images. According to NoMad Sky, this entire process is done on the device itself, so that the app does not upload or share any images / metadata associated with other servers.

The app, however, is still in its first version and therefore has some flaws. Therefore, the initial scan may take a long time depending on the number of images you have. In the case reported by Cult of Mac, the process on an iPad Pro took two more hours to finish, not to mention that the app closed a few times during the process.

At the end of this scan, it will be possible to browse photos that contain some kind of text within the app, and also search for images from a specific word or term, which are identified through OCR technology, which does a good job of recognition of handwritten or printed texts (such as slips).

Finally, you can tag photos, add custom text boxes to images where some words were not found, and insert your own notes into images.