Melted the first iPhone 4

If you think a hot phone is a problem, imagine if it melted in your hands. This is more or less what happened to an American user with an iPhone 4.

The photographs were published yesterday on a specialized blog, which says it had access to the records through a contact at AT&T, the operator that holds the distribution of the smartphones of Apple in the United States.

According to the BGR, the customer went to the operator’s store asking for help with the phone he had “fried”, after the cable entry that makes the data transfer to the computer melted during use.

AT & T’s “close source” guarantees that this is the first time it has encountered an incident of this kind involving the latest Apple release and the customer says that everything happened while using the manufacturer’s certified and supplied cable, along with the mobile phone.

Apparently the phone was still hot and would have even caused a slight burn on the user’s hand. The mini USB port was slightly melted and the cable was badly damaged – as you can see from the photos we reproduce below.

The source of the problem will be a defect in the material, not an incorrect use of the device, adds the same source.

BGR image
BGR image