MegaGlest – An Age of Empires-style strategy game for Linux

Use all your intelligence in this Linux strategy game and lead your people to the conquest of new lands and peoples.

Age with improved graphics

Another game for our library, MegaGlest is a game that I have known for some time, had in mind to post it longer, but I did not, but now it's your turn.

For gamers who like strategy games like the Age of Empires reference and its versions, MegaGlest will be a pleasant surprise.

MegaGlest It looks a bit like another game we posted here on Diolinux some time ago, 0.A.D. MegaGlest

In MegaGlest you must create your people, search for supplies and form your army to dominate more and more territory. There are altogether 7 people you can lead, depending on which map you choose a people to select, a great draw of the game are the very well done 3D graphics.

MegaGlest is an OpenSource and Multiplatform game, allowing you to play it regardless of the operating system you use, you can download the game from the link below:

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