Meet three very interesting accessories from mLogic for Macs: mDock, mBack and mLink

If you are looking for a portable HDD to back up your MacBook Pro, mDock may be a good choice. Launched by mLogic, this accessory is compatible with 13 and 15 inch models from the beginning of 2009 (Early 2009) and has two capacity options: 500GB or 1TB, both 2.5-inch SATA and 5,400RPM, with Time Machine support.


When connecting to the MacBook Pro, the mDock replicates all the ports available on the side of the machine (USB, audio input and output, Mini DisplayPort, FireWire 800 and Ethernet). In addition, the accessory's front USB port has 10W of power, ideal for recharging an iPad. If a 1TB is not enough for you, nothing prevents the connection of another HDD through the USB or FireWire 800 ports on the mDock.

More than that, it also serves to clean up your workstation. Instead of connecting monitors, printers and / or speakers directly to the Mac, you can connect everything to the mDock, which makes it much easier to pick up the notebook and leave the house; when you return, just connect the mDock to the MacBook Pro and everything will be available again. The 500GB version of the mDock costs $ 220, while the 1TB version costs $ 300.

The mBack is a great companion for the iMac and for the Apple Cinema / Thunderbolt Display. As its name says, it connects behind the machine, without the need for table space to support it. Like the mDock, it is also compatible with Time Machine and is available in versions with 1TB, 2TB or 3TB, all featuring a 3.5-inch SATA HDD with CoolSpin technology, which allows low consumption with the lowest possible noise.


MBack is compatible with mid-2007 machines (Mid 2007) or newer and costs $ 170 (1TB), $ 210 (2TB) and $ 350 (3TB).

The company also laundered mLink (not to be confused with Kanex's mLinq), an external chassis that allows the connection of PCIe adapters to any Mac equipped with Thunderbolt. The adapter brings the functionality of these cards that previously required a Mac Pro for iMacs, Macs mini, MacBooks Pro and MacBooks Air, with a high-speed connection: 10Gbps. The mLink costs $ 400.

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