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Meet the two iPad apps demonstrated on the stage of Apple's special event [atualizado]

Last week, during the presentation of the iPad Air 2, two applications were demonstrated so that the public could understand the processing power of the new tablet. One, quite famous in the Mac world, the Pixelmator.

The application will be launched soon for iPads and, without a doubt, be a success. see the sneak peek that the app developers published on Vimeo:

We are very excited to finally inform you that we have been working very hard, at a frenetic pace, for two years, on something that is definitely one of the best apps ever created for the iPad. Or, if you like, definitely the best image editing app for the iPad.

According to them, Pixelmator for iPads is a complete image editor. Based on layers, it will be possible to create, edit and enhance images in a non-destructive way. In addition, it has all the tools that Mac users are already used to, such as incredible color adjustments, touch-up tools, stunning effects, shapes, typography, selection tools and virtually all the advanced image editing tools that we will need in a image editor for tablets.

It will also be possible to work with Photoshop documents. In addition, Pixelmator is fully integrated with iCloud and supports Handoff (that is, start working on the Mac and finish on the iPad or vice versa). The app will be launched soon and cost $ 5.

The other application demonstrated on the stage, Replay, has been available on the App Store for some time.

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good to see quality apps, right?

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See more information about Pixelmator here.