Meet the rival Apple Pencil smart pen, but cheaper and without battery

We know that what makes Apple accessories attractive is mainly the way they talk so well with other Apple devices, and the Apple Pencil is a great example of that.

Even so, we can enumerate some factors that are not so pleasant, among them the fact that it only works on iPads Pro and also that it costs US $ 100 in the United States and salty R $ 750 here in Brazil. It is for these and other reasons that many users of iGadgets prefer to purchase accessories from third parties that work satisfactorily and have a lower price.

If you are one of those who think the “lowest price” of the competition (around US $ 80) is still salty, know the SonarPen, smart pen in campaign on Kickstarter that costs only HK $ 195 (about $ 30).


Perhaps, at first glance, this pen seems to be like an ordinary stylus (which is not smart), mainly due to the type of tip chosen. However, don’t be fooled: the accuracy is really good and there is a whole different dynamic that makes it an interesting choice.

Like the smart pens on the market, SonarPen also has palm rejection and is pressure sensitive. Something that is quite different from the others is the fact that it has no battery and therefore does not need to be charged. How is this possible? It uses the 3.5mm connector for power supply.


The stylus still has a shortcut button and, the coolest, works with both iPhones and any other iPad, not just the Pro. Regarding the applications, Zen Brush 2, ZoomNotes and GoodNotes 4 already support she, but several more famous ones are already testing the accessory and, hopefully, titles such as Procreate, Astropad, LiquidText, PDF Expert, among others will soon support it.

The only “however” of SonarPen is that, by using this type of tip (which was the one that best suited the energy that could be delivered through the 3.5mm port), it will be necessary to periodically change that part of the accessory – the periodicity this, however, is much greater than that of recharging a battery, for example; the good part is that the product comes with two spare ends. The pen also comes with a magnetic holder to attach the accessory to your iPad.

The Kickstarter campaign had a goal of raising $ 25,500 by March 24, but has already reached $ 40,000 with 1,300 supporters. If you liked SonarPen, you can guarantee one and contribute with values ​​starting at HK $ 255 (R $ 105 – already with international delivery to Brazil).

via Cult of Mac