Meet the new Samsung Lava and Dry, with connectivity and Artificial Intelligence

Meet the new Samsung Lava and Dry, with connectivity and Artificial Intelligence

New Lava and Dry Samsung WD6000J expands the company's portfolio, with Artificial Intelligence and integration with the SmartThings system

Bringing innovation, the new Samsung WD6000J Lava and Dry has powerful features such as integration with the SmartThings system, hygiene cycles and a technology called Eco Bubble, which combines efficiency and energy savings when removing difficult stains and dirt. This washing machine has the capacity to wash and dry up to 11 kg of clothes each cycle.

What draws attention to the product lies exactly in its practicality, just having an easy internet connection. Connected to Wi-Fi, the washing machine can be operated by the integrated system SmartThings, an application developed by the South Korean company to integrate and control smart and connected equipment. This application is available for both Android how much for iPhone (iOS).

Samsung SmartThings washer and dryer application Samsung's new washer and dryer integrated into the SmartThings system and helps monitor washing cycles and the health of your appliance through the app

In this way, the user is able to program washing cycles and, in addition, monitor them even from a distance, thanks to the application. It is worth remembering that the system applies to several items of consumption of the company, such as Smart TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaner and air conditioning, giving greater autonomy to its user.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence present in the WD6000J it also provides tips for washing programs, based on the type, color and level of dirt of the chosen clothes, which can prevent minor accidents, such as mixing parts or even damaging them, to name a few, so common in the washing process. clothes.

Another feature that ends up standing out is the so-called Washing Planner, which allows you to adjust the washing cycles to your routine. The HomeCare Assistant, another connectivity feature available on this Samsung lava and dry model, is capable of signaling the “health” conditions of your washing machine, as the right time to clean the drum or filter, and even allows more accurate and efficient maintenance of the product with proactive monitoring.

Eco Bubble: connected solution of the new Lava and Dry Samsung

A major highlight of this launch is the exclusive technology EcoBubble, a novelty developed by Samsung, which provides greater washing power with less energy consumption and protection for clothes.

simulation of Samsung's eco bubble, lava and dry machine Eco Bubble is a technology that promotes greater cleaning, eliminating the use of hot water

THE Eco Bubble promises greater efficiency WD6000J, since the system ends up filling the drum with soap bubbles before the start of washing and, therefore, it guarantees product penetration and cleaning 40X faster than in conventional processes. What's more, thanks to the efficiency of the system Eco Bubble, the use of hot water is significantly reduced, something that makes conventional washing machines easy, due to the high energy consumption.

Other novelties worth noting are the presence of new cycles: Vapor Higinico, which allows complete washing and removes 99.9% of bacteria and eliminates inactive agents that cause allergies by heating the water in the bottom of the drum; and also the Dry Cleaning system, which has 99.9% efficiency in removing bacteria and uses only hot air to remove impregnated odors, without the need for chemical products.

The fast washing and drying cycles are also highlights of the WD6000J. With 59 Lava + Seca, the user can wash and dry everyday clothes in less than an hour. For the most busy, who need to optimize the time of home care, the Rpido 15 cycle provides a complete wash for lightly soiled clothes with agility and efficiency.

The Samsung WD6000J washer and dryer machine also has a Digital Inverter engine, with economical and quiet operation, which guarantees a 10-year warranty.

The novelty comes to the market in two options, which you can find in Submarino: the model White, more accessible, from R $ 3,999.00, and the model in stainless, from R $ 4,399.00.

Source: Samsung