meet the new generation of the DELL classic

Alienware - Frente

Alienware brings yet another generation of high-end gaming notebooks bringing even more innovations and already preparing for virtual reality.

Alienware - CoverDell Alienware – Codenamed Cassini

It seems that Dell decided to throw more wood on the fire in the market for notebooks made for games. With the announcement of the new generation of the line Alienware, the company shows that it wants to be recognized for having top of the line computers for gamers that need powerful hardware.

Alienware - Front

The new generation of notebooks Alienware they are undoubtedly strong competitors. Especially when it comes to features: they were the first to use hybrid technology for video cards, where the operating system only activates the dedicated video card when it becomes really necessary (when the user plays a heavy game, for example) thus increasing the device’s battery life.

Alienware – 7 generations of innovation

Today at 7th Generation of this line that is an icon, the Dell try again to put yourself at the top being disruptive. Understand why:

Alienware - Tobii

THE Alienware new is the first to rely on technology Tobii Eye-Tracking. Through this resource, the game starts to respond according to the player’s eye movement. And also the first notebook on the market to have the technology G-SYNC gives Nvidia, which adjusts the refresh rate according to the game or content being displayed.

THE Dell announced two models of the line Alienware, one with 17 inches of screen and another 15 inches. The 17-inch model has a display UltraHD 4K, facing gamers professionals. It will also come with the Overwolf, software Dell video capture that allows the user to record matches.

Alienware - Overwolf

The model of 15 ” aims to give a little more portability to gamers who do not give up good taste. Thought to be 25% thinner than the previous generation, the Alienware 15 ” account a video card Nvidia Geforce GTX Series 10, and manages to be 1.5 Kg lighter than its predecessor, weighing 3.76 kg.

Finished in aluminum and magnesium alloy, the Dell manages to develop a gamer notebook less monstrous and better able to dissipate heat (an essential item in the category).

And, thinking about performance, we remember that both models are compatible with the Alienware Amplifier, which is basically an external video module that, in addition to offering capture capabilities, still has the ability to video card.

Alienware - Amplifier

The new notebook model will also feature inputs USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, in addition to being configured to receive discs SSD instead of the standard HDD used by most notebooks.

It’s the price?

As for the price, taking into account the value of the current line Alienware at the Brazil, the new 17 ”model can reach R $ 17,000.00 at its launch. High price for those who want games, which can hinder his success here.

This is by far the “most luxurious” model for a gamer of respect. And you, what you think? Particularly, I am very anxious to see one of them running and, who knows, it does not pair with a good gamer monitor.