Screenshot do app Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights

Meet the Lumenplay kit, Christmas lights controlled by iGadgets

So almost Christmas

What would be missing for your technological Christmas to have an even greater share of your iGadget? Exact! Christmas lights controlled by him! And that’s today's tip.

The proposal of the Lumenplay very interesting. Following Philips hue and LIFX, the set of LED lamps has hundreds of colors available to choose from. It is still possible to select music and play games synchronized with the lights.


The configuration is very simple, via Bluetooth 4.0, being compatible with devices running iOS or Android. Once plugged in, simply download the Lumenplay app from the App Store:

Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights app icon

If you need more lamps, no problem: besides Starter Set a cheaper extender kit is also available for purchase, allowing up to 500 lamps to be combined.

The product is now on sale at Apple Retail and Online Stores in the United States. So much fun!