Meet the credit card without annuity that already works with Apple Pay here in Brazil

O Apple Pay finally landed in Brazil a few weeks ago, but, as you all already know, temporarily exclusive to Banco Ita who is obviously exploring this in commercials.

But who in the account holder at Ita, like me? Is there really no way to use Apple Pay in Brazil until this exclusivity period (which is three months) falls and, who knows, other financial institutions may start offering support for it?

Yes, there is a way. And the best: for free!

My Credicard ZERO credit card

A few days ago I received my credit card Credicard ZERO (Mastercard banner), following the tip of our reader Lucas Flvio. It is a card 100% free of annual fee, which is issued by Ita and already works with Apple Pay! πŸ˜ƒ

In my case, it was about two weeks of waiting from the day I made my request until he got here at home. The form is very complete, but not too long, and during the step-by-step you have to answer some questions in a dynamic way that will help in the approval process. I also got a call from them asking me a few more questions, about two days later. In short: it is not sure that you will be approved and receive one.

For those who succeed (the limit they will give you also depends on a credit analysis, obviously), only joy. Add the card to Wallet, at iPhone, it was very quiet:

As shown in the images above, after adding it to Wallet, I need to validate it or call Credicard, or (much better) using the Credicard app which I did.

Credicard app icon - credit card

The application is not yet optimized for the iPhone X, but works relatively well and made the activation of Credicard ZERO for Apple Pay without difficulties.

Soon after, the iPhone itself reminded me to also put the card in Apple Watch. The process is very similar, including the step of activating it through the Credicard app.

Credicard ZERO on iPhone X and Apple Watch

Where I * no * managed to activate it was still on my Mac. Strangely, unlike the iPhone and Apple Watch, macOS is the only way to activate by calling Credicard. And due to the holiday, I still haven't had the opportunity to speak to them.

Activating Credicard ZERO on Mac

In addition, with everything set up, basically find somewhere that is already accepting Apple Pay or even, of course, using it in any of the numerous apps already compatible.

Here in Salvador, I confess that I had a little difficulty doing my first practical test with him. I went, for example, to a supermarket whose machines still didn't even have NFC (of any technology) and, in a pharmacy, a Cielo machine that had everything to accept it simply did not respond to my attempts.

Cielo machine with NFCIt was supposed to work, but

The cashier informed me that, just a few minutes before me, a woman had made a contactless payment there wearing a Santander bracelet, but until then, there was no guarantee that Apple Pay would work too.

When it works, of course, that wonder. πŸ˜‰