Meet the Boxy SVG Vector Image Editor

An interesting alternative for those who have worked with Inkscape, Sketch, or Adobe Illustrator.

The vector image editor Boxy SVG focuses on non-technical users as well as professional designers and developers. With an interface inspired by reputable programs, Inkscape, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. Boxy SVG is premised on being simple, familiar and complete. Whether it's work such as creating icons, banners, graphics or illustrations, the tool wants to be priced among the current giants of vector design.


The proprietary program has versions for Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, Windows and even one web app. Some features of Boxy SVG are:

  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Interface inspired by reputable software in the market (Inkscape, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator);
  • Full compatibility with open SVG format;
  • Possibility to save files in SVG and SVGZ;
  • Export in PNG, JPG, WebP, PDF and HTML5;
  • Integration with Pixabay website / image bank;
  • Google font integration;
  • Hand guides, smart guides and grid;
  • Path operations (join, cross, subtract, delete, close, invert, etc.);
  • Arrangement operations (align, rotate, flip, sort, group, etc.).


Another aspect that we can observe in Boxy SVG is its focus on web developers, facilitating the creation of layouts and sites. For this target audience, some important points can be highlighted, such as:

  • Chrome based rendering engine;
  • SVG and CSS code inspector similar to Chrome Dev Tools;
  • Clearing SVG output, preserving IDs, classes, titles and other metadata;
  • Editing Support sprites in SVG.


Installing Boxy SVG

boxy-svg-inkscape-adobe-illustrator-sketch-icon-vector-image-banner-site-layout-web-design-linux-windows-chrome-snap-ubuntu boxy-svg-inkscape-adobe-illustrator-sketch-icon-vector-image-banner-site-layout-web-design-linux-windows-chrome-snap-store-ubuntu

If you prefer to install via terminal or your distribution store does not have integration with Snap packages, also very simple:

Command to install:

sudo snap install boxy-svg

Command to remove:

sudo snap remove boxy-svg

I used Boxy SVG and performed several tests, and even being a professional artist I found many difficulties with the program interface. Of course, an adaptation may be necessary. In my case I use Inkscape to compose the characters of the OSystematic And with Boxy SVG things are not exactly the same as Inkscape. That's good, even with strong inspiration from it and other vector programs, Boxy SVG has its own identity.

The question: would you replace the program you currently use with Boxy SVG? Well worth the test, but the migration in my case is not (I do not know about yours).

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Until the next post, as always, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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