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Yesterday, August 12th, three very strange apps appeared in the Play Store. Today we find that they are part of Android Experiments, a platform for promoting unique and creative Android apps created by Google itself. Meet the Android Experiments.


A puzzle game whose objective is to assemble broken ceramic pieces. Developed by Chelsea Saunders.

Kintsukuroi is at version 1.1, occupies about 50MB and requires Android 2.3 or higher.

Ink space

This is a light-drawing app that uses the smartphone's accelerometer to move what was drawn in 3D. Created by Zach Lieberman.

Ink Space requires Android 3.0 or higher and occupies 55MB of space.


An adaptation of the classic table maze game features multiplayer per bluetooth. Very simple and colorful game, great to pass the time. Developed by Media Monks.

Available for Androids starting with 4.0.3, Tilt occupies about 8MB.


The Grove is an interactive landscape generator. It's a bit difficult to explain how the app works, but it creates beautiful landscapes by simple rules. Developed by Simon Geilfus.

At less than 4MB, Grove requires Android KitKat or higher to run.


Little creatures fill the screen of the smartphone and run away when they "see" the user. An experiment in animation illustration by algorithm and facial detection. Created by Larvalabs.

Only 200KB and Android Lollipop are required to run Boo!

Space Sketchr

Create 3D virtual drawings in space using tracking of movement. Created by Left Field Labs.

Space Sketchr is not compatible with the LG G3, so I could not test it. Requires Android KitKat or higher and the APK is 19MB.


a live wallpaper that changes the screen daily with artwork. Developed by Roman Nurik.

The Muzei Live Wallpaper is well known, weighs 10MB and requires Android 4.2 or higher.

Selfie x Selfie

The app "opens a metaphysical portal on your mobile device that allows you to travel deep into your own hyperspace selfie"

Selfie X Selfie uses camera, motion sensors and graphics hardware to generate a reactive 3D universe that responds to your movements in real time. Requires Android KitKat or higher and occupies just over 3MB.

In addition to these, there is Elements, which allows to create complex patterns through the combination of forming and controlling movement and rotation; O IOIO, one plotter which uses Android, OpenCV and the IOIO card; Carolina, which creates landscapes composed of the vocals and instruments of Kimbra's Carolina music; it's the IOIO Rover, an RC4WD robot controlled by 2 Android devices; not forgetting the three apps released yesterday by Google Creative Labs and 5 faces for Android Wear are also part of Androdi Experiments.

What's your favorite Android Experiment?

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