Meet the 10 favorite apps of influencers

Meet the 10 favorite apps of influencers

There are a number of tips and tricks that make influencer photos even more perfect. Meet the 10 apps that celebrities use the most

The world is constantly changing. With the arrival of social networks, influencers, the new big world celebrities and the new pioneers of personal and corporate marketing. Making the private and public sphere in one thing, content creators break boundaries on the screens of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

The so-called market “Digital influencers” has expressive numbers worldwide. To give you an idea, only last year, influencers were responsible for handling no less than 4 billion dollars. A simple click or enough advertising to generate revenue for the big brands, as well as a real fascination on the part of the public to connect with this type of content producer.

We know that the life of a influence it's not just made up of photo and video apps. Planning and other tools are needed to help optimize the use of social networks for the benefit of your brand. With that in mind, we've separated some of the favorite apps from influencers, which has everything to help you take the first steps towards your journey as a digital influencer, or just increase your feed to your friends.

Top 10 favorite apps for influencers


This is the first step for those influencers that are multimedia. Or rather, multiplatform. That's because the Trello It is an extremely versatile tool and can be used both for monitoring personal tasks and for organizing projects involving large teams in large companies.

With an intuitive interface and features likechecklists, uploading multimedia files and color labels, the Trello it can be a useful ally in planning studies, travel and work activities. The first step towards a influence You need to keep your appointments up to date and you can’t leash for bad luck and miss out on some important content.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility of managing your publications in an interface that ensures the information is available in a calendar. Here, there are no excuses for poor administration, as everything you need to manage in a day, a week or even a month, is easily resolved with a few clicks.

Trello is available for free at App Store and in Google Play.

Sked Social

O Sked Social the ideal app for influencers which has as main objective and focus a specific social network: the Instagram. With it, it is possible to regularly manage not only your posts on the feed as well as us Stories, which is a great advantage for those who want the maximum optimization that the platform can offer.

And you don’t need to feel anxious if your brand is taking its first steps, the Sked Social believes that, in addition to influencers, this is an app for everyone, and offers packages that best meet your customer's demand. If you are solo in your endeavor, fine, you will not be left out. Meanwhile, large companies also benefit from a service that ranges from 25 dollars to 260 dollars. There is still the possibility to customize a package that best meets your demands.

O Sked Social is available for free download at App Store and in Google Play.


Leetags one with app for influencersLeetags one of the key apps to generate engagement on social networks

Maybe not just given hashtags all the value it should and, therefore, many opportunities are lost along the way by poor choices. Hashtag the first step towards engaging in a social network. take a concept out of anonymity and present it to the world, make it belong to a community.

The question that remains: “How?” The answer to this simple question: Leetags. an app that greatly facilitates the work of influencers, as its main objective is to monitor what is currently up. This makes it much easier when choosing your own hashtags and monitor the reach of those you generated yourself. a job that seems expendable at first, but good planning and wisdom when using the available tools reaps its fruits at a later time.

Leetags is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.


VSCO a favorite tool of influencersVSCO is a fever on social media and has become a trend of style

O VSCO (formerly called VSCO Cam) one of the most complete image editors for the iPhone and Android, generating a real fever on the internet thanks to its aesthetics and a wide range of tools. If by any chance you came across the term “VSCO girl”, do not think that for free. The term, which has become increasingly popular in hashtags at the Instagram, shows girls in stripped style and a range of knowledge in photo editing.

The phenomenon is justified as one of the favorite apps From influencers: the simple interface of VSCO hides a real gold mine; There are a number of tools that can optimize every selfie and photo on your phone at a professional level, making the most banal click on a photo ready to be shared on a social network.

VSCO is available for free download at Apple Store and in Google Play.


Lightrrom favorite influencer photo editing appIn addition to memes, Lightroom is one of the most comprehensive editing tools available today

It would be impossible to leave out Lightroom, another favorite photo editing application for influencers. It is one of the most complete editing apps you can find in the App Store or Google Pay. And don't think that the more professional character makes things more difficult, the interface is simple, very explanatory and will help you make your photos into amazing selfies, in addition to challenges.

Adobe Lightroom is available for free download at App Store and in Google Play.


One of the most controversial apps on the list Facetune a tool that allows to fix imperfections and generates polemics

A quick search denounces: there is Facetune 1 it's the Facetune 2. But, after all, what is the difference between the two? Both were developed by Lightricks, an startup Israeli who promises to do the heavy lifting. What sets the second apart from its predecessor is that it has more editing options.

Perhaps this is where the big cat jump from influencers who live by their image and are also the main source of problems. It guarantees you to correct your imperfections, but it does not mean that everything is flowers: this is also where the distorted images are born in the background, out of square and some other small details that a clinical look cannot miss. More than saturation and shine, you can whiten your teeth, for example.

Facetune is available for free download at App Store and in Google Play.


music insert is one of the advantages of this appInShot allows fun edits for social networks

O InShot another valuable tool for influencers. With it, it is possible to add music, effects, recordings and emojis to your photos and videos, which can be a real gold mine for those who want to personalize their partnerships with advertisers or for those who just want to make their social networks more relaxed.

Its simple and uncomplicated interface and even the heaviest work, such as audio editing and effects, are easily circumvented. The result is more dynamic images, in a function that is very close to the insertion of audio in your Stories. The good thing InShot does not make the user hostage to the tools themselves Instagram, making it possible to customize your social network as you wish.

InShot is available for free download at App Store and in Google Play.


O OVER also another key application for influencers for its editing capacity that refers to more professional quality programs, such as those belonging to the package Adobe for example. ideal for professionals who want a more graphic quality for their jobs and social media posts. O OVER allows you, with a few clicks and a good aesthetic notion, to make real ads or collages worthy of respect.

Like any good app, its interface is simple and very explanatory and there is a good range of options that allows you to structure your visual identity from scratch, which gives you good autonomy as a business person on the internet. Understanding that the core of personal image marketing, perhaps the OVER guarantee him some devices to further optimize your work on social networks or, who knows, become a hobbie unpretentious and your feed more fun.

OVER is available for free download at App Store and Google Play.

Instagram Insights

Instagram insights timoInstagram Insights great for monitoring your reach on the platform

Done all the way from planning to finally posting on your social network, nothing more fair than checking the scope of your achievements, right? How many people viewed your posts, who liked, who shared, someone followed you, who blocked you, who gave unfollow, everything is possible and measured in this app that is fundamental for all influencers, from beginners to those who have achieved a certain level of success.

After all, nothing better than understanding how to improve your work than knowing your target audience. What pleases them, what displeases them, what generates engagement are some of the fundamental questions for the business soul and here it is easily answered with a simple, organized and well-structured interface. Everything you need to know in this regard is available here, which makes your job much easier. It is worth remembering that this resource is not only for influencers, but also for big brands, who are also always looking for ways to generate engagement with their audience on social networks.

O Instagram Insights a resource available on the platform itself and has its variants in the App Store and in Google Play.


THE Iconosquare has come a long way since its humble beginnings, as a free tool for analyzing Instagram. Now it supports both Instagram about the Facebook and it is perhaps the most comprehensive engagement analysis tool available to consumers.

What it offers very close to what the Instagram Insights it offers, for example, with a plus, since it allows a complete analysis of user content consumption as a way to better understand what is high and low in the market.

a valuable tool for influencers, who always need to be in agreement with what is happening at the moment so it is not difficult to say that there is a real concern with their work on social networks when they purchase this app.

THE Iconosquare is available for download free on App Store and Google Play.

Are there any apps that were left out of our list? Leave us comments and help our readers!