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Meet Punch, a walkie-talkie app that lets you hear your messages while driving

With the WhatsApp controversy in Brazil, many people have been looking for other messengers to replace it and supply their needs. Every day you see more apps of this type appearing in droves through the App Store, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there is great competition because it makes developers exercise their creativity to bring something really new. With that in mind, the Brazilian Alessandro Berio brought some great innovations in his messenger walkie-talkie, The Punch.

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Punch is a pretty messaging service focused on audio, so it was called Walkie-talkie. On the main screen, you can press on a contact so that audio is recorded and sent (or discarded). It is also easy to send audio within the conversation because, if the keyboard is hidden, a large button for sending audio appears in the center.

When it comes to listening to the received audio, it is a really new experience because you can do it with the screen locked exactly as if it were a song, pausing or going to the next one, seeing the photo of the contact. The “DIRECTION MODE” feature allows Siri to read text messages while you are directing a resource that is highly valued by its developer, who says: “I always had the goal of eliminating the risk of exchanging messages and driving, even because my mother has already suffered an accident caused by a teenager who typed while driving. Punch solves this problem and also guarantees several other facilities. ” Although the messages you receive are read aloud as if on a walkie-talkie, there is a possibility to silence them to maintain your privacy. The sent audio files are also converted to text, but 100% sometimes it misinterprets and, if it is a large audio, the entire text does not appear.

As CEO and founder of startup Thinkr, Berio also brought “emotions” to Punch. It is possible to create various selfies of different reactions, besides being able to put them in the profile photo. Some Emojis produce sounds and have different colors in their little toys.

Although promising, the app still needs to incorporate some features of other more famous services, such as the option to forward and copy a message, make it available for other platforms, among others.

For some reason, the promotion of the app on the Brazilian App Store is entirely in English, but you can download it as everything will be in Portuguese. 😉