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Meet Mira Prism, an augmented reality device for iPhone

J that we are in a vibe in augmented reality, let's keep thinking about a future in which we interact with both the real and virtual worlds.

Even with the incredible manifestations of RA we've seen here and there, holding a phone in front of us is not what we might call the immersive experience, right? So Mira thought about what it could do to bring us closer to augmented reality and created the Mira Prism.

The Mira Prism One headset for AR that uses a display next to your iPhone (6, 6s, or 7). But unlike other devices that use the phone completely blocking your view (such as Google's Daydream), it stays on your forehead, so you can see the entire holographic content through the viewfinder in front of you.

To use Prism, simply download the official app, dock an iPhone on the device, put it on your head and you can now view and interact with the content without the need for wires, computers and / or other devices. Speaking of interaction, to make the experience even better, the device comes with a small control.

According to who has already tested (Engadget, TechCrunch, The verge, among others), the headsetAside from being light and cheap (much more than those on the market), it works very well.

Unlike the headsets like Microsoft HoloLens or the stumbling Meta 2, which is pre-sold for exorbitant $ 950, Mira Prisma costs “only” $ 150, and pre-sale can already be purchased for $ 100!

At first, the company wants to draw the attention of developers to start investing in software for the headset. Thinking further, developers are working on two ways to share their experience with others: the first would be the "viewer mode", where anyone could see what you see on another phone or tablet; the second really a mode multiplayer, which would allow two or more Prism users to have the same view and interact with the elements.

The intent is really very good, however, as it takes developers to be interested in the product in order to develop software with Mira SDK itself, it can be a bit tricky for the hardware to reach a large audience since the company is not known.

Not to mention, of course, that Apple is betting heavily on ARKit and is supposed to be creating a headset to call yours, which would attract a much larger audience. Even though Mira Prism can integrate with ARKit elements, by this time of the championship, hardware to take advantage of ARKit must be springing up.