Meet Mellow, a speaker that matches your home furnishings

Think of a speaker. Thought? Whatever you have imagined, I highly doubt that your imagination has come close to what Mellow.

Created by Team Creatio, Mellow looks like a small bank, but actually a speaker. It can boost the sound of any device via Bluetooth, up to 10 meters, with playback followed by up to 7 hours. Or, you can plug it in through the P2 input this is if you don't have an iPhone 7/7 Plus (hehe).

Its on / off, volume +/- and play / pause pushbuttons are “hidden” under the fabric. Speaking of fabric, its design was created especially to match the furniture of the house so it has this shape and style. Its flat wooden surface allows it to be used as a coffee table as well, to place the touching device or light objects on it.

Mellow speaker

In addition, it has for itself a battery with power of 6,600mAh and also another battery of 13,000mAh to be used as powerbank. Simply plug your device into one of two Type A USB ports.


Mellow's campaign on Kickstarter It had a target of $ 15,000 and already has more than $ 48,000, with 170 supporters. If you are interested, you can purchase it directly from the site for $ 300 until June 1 (13 days to finish).

via Business Insider