Meet MagicScroll, the scrollable tablet inspired by scrolls

In addition to having a flexible screen, MagicScroll allows you to scroll it to view content on the internet.

Foldable screens have always been a topic present when we refer to technologies of the future. And, it seems, this future may be very close, since the MagicScroll, also known as the first scrollable screen tablet of the world, has just been introduced.

MagicScroll still a prototype

Meet MagicScroll, the scrollable tablet screen inspired by scrolls It is possible to use the two side wheels of the MagicScroll to scroll pages.

Created by scientists from Human Media Lab – a Queen’s University lab – the first scrollable screen tablet it is still just a prototype. O scrollable screen tablet, has screen 7.5 ″ with 2K resolution, in cylindrical format, which makes it easy to store MagicScroll in the pocket. In fact, all the hardware is inside its own cylinder, printed on 3D printers.

With the folded screen around the cylinder, the user can use thetwo side wheels, which are used to scroll pages and browse the internet. This is one of the strengths of tablet design, as it allows content display without having to juggle.

“We were inspired by the design of ancient parchments, since their formats allowed us to visualize timelines in a more natural and uninterrupted way”explains the Dr. Roel Vertegaal, director of Human Media Lab.

But what to do when you come across someone however you needview full screen? Enoughhighlight the screen body and take advantage of the full potential of the display available MagicScroll.

Meet MagicScroll, the scrollable tablet screen inspired by scrollsMagicScroll allows full view of the content when expanding the screen.

However, because it is a product in test phaseIt is notable that many improvements are yet to be made. One of them, for example, is in tablet appearance as a whole. As you can see in the images, the device is still very large for current priests.

“The project is allowing us to develop notions of how the screens developed for Tablet need not be flat. That is, any surface can become a canvas ”, states Vertegaal.

According to the scientists who developed the MagicScroll, the idea of ​​leaving the device the size of a pen. However, it is not yet known when this will be done.

What do we know that, this month, the MagicScroll be presented in MobileHCI, conference that takes place in Barcelona. There, it will be possible to discover new details about the development of the tablet or even if it could be marketed someday.

In the meantime, check out a demo video of the tablet just below:

Sources: Tom’s Guidee PCMag.

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