Meet Hexy, SwiftKey Launcher

Meet Hexy, SwiftKey Launcher

SwiftKey launched the initiative Greenhouse, or greenhouse, to create and test new ideas after the Clarity keyboard, the initiative launched the Hexy, one launcher for Android which promises to predict what will be the next application used by the user.

hexy launchera
A nurse of applications. / ANDROIDPIT

With Hexy, all installed applications are displayed on a hexagonal grid like a beehive. The most commonly used apps are displayed in the center, they vary by use as the launcher centralize the apps you think will be used. The search bar is for finding installed applications, and s. There is also a round button in the lower right corner – Material Design – that allows you to add widgets. This function is still quite strange and not at all practical.

The idea is not new, several launchers promise to learn from the user's habits and position the most used applications ahead. Despite that, the SwiftKey keyboard is one of the best in the Play Store foresight, so it might work a little better than the others. The developers promise updates for the coming months to "increase Hexy's Q.I." O launcher Not officially supported by SwiftKey, it is being developed by a small team within the company.

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Few functions in one extremely simple launcher. / ANDROIDPIT

I used the launcher for much of the day, and I must admit: it works very well, most of the apps I wanted to use were in the center, there was none lag and the movements are always fast. Unfortunately, there is no option to hide apps from the home screen or move them, all done by the app itself; To uninstall an app s long tap on it.

Hexy occupies about 20MB, is at version 0.10 and requires Android 4.0 or higher. It is now available on the Play Store.

Which one is the best launcher for Android? Is Hexy good enough to get in the fight?

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