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Meet Google Play Pass, the "Netflix of Android Apps"

Learn more about Android app and game subscription service.

Not so long ago that we talk about Google Play Pass, Google's new service with a similar proposal to Netflix. However, it is not a subscription to consume series or movies, but to use various apps and games without buying them. app-game-games-android-google-play-pass By subscribing to Google Play Pass the user will have access to a catalog of paid apps and games, but without ads or micro transactions. Clearly Google's onslaught is a duel against Apple Arcade, Apple's competing service. According to the site The verge, in one demo, Google showed a game that would normally have a paid expansion pack but, as part of the Play Pass, no additional fees were charged. The vast majority of Play Pass titles are famous games, about two thirds, like Monument valley 2 ($ 5.99), Limbo (R $ 19.15), Terraria (R $ 19.99), among others. Note that only the value of the 3 games, mentioned above, total more than $ 50.00. Paid apps like Tunable for musicians and the HI-Q Pro Voice Recorder, both currently cost $ 12.99 and are also available on the service. There is a mix between independent developers and major producers on Play Pass. Obviously, what other applications will be added.

Starting with over 350 games and apps in its catalog, Google offers 10 free days and the first year for the trifle of $ 1.99 a month (in direct conversion to Real, about $ 8.20). After the deadline the amount rises to $ 4.99 per month (approximately $ 20.70).


On the developer side, one algorithm will be responsible for tracking the usage time or number of times apps were opened per week, so passing on an amount to developers who offer their software through the news. However, more details were not revealed, nor how and which metric would surely indicate the percentage to be received.

The Google Play Pass is available in the United States and unfortunately has no forecast for launch in Brazil. Without dates or prices set, we can wait. In this regard Apple came out ahead, as the Apple Arcade was launched simultaneously in several countries (including Brazil).

Note that all apps and games offered on Play Pass will still be available as standalone purchases or with ads.

The wave of services seems to have arrived, and many companies are beginning to create alternatives to the classic model: buy the product or pay for microtransactions. The Google Play Pass did not replace the ability to buy the apps, but will the sale cease to exist in the future and the main players in the market will only offer services?

The idea of ​​full services does not please me much, perhaps because in some cases, I still prefer to buy instead of signing something.

Now tell me in the comments, would you sign the Play Pass? Do you believe that in the future companies will only adopt the service model and abandon most of the traditional pay and take product?

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