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Meet DORY, Mobile Application Controlled Water Drone

Although the word drone is mainly used to deal with small-sized controlled aircraft, it appears to be gaining new meaning. One company is launching Dory, water drone It promises to dive to 15 meters deep and make sensational video captures.

Dory is in crowdfunding on Kickstarter by Chasing and has the simple proposition of filming underwater, being small and easy to use. To begin with, the developer team asked for $ 30,000 on the site, but by the time I write this news, it's over $ 125,000 with 301 supporters. There are still 16 days left for the campaign to end, which shows potential for the invention.


Aircraft equipped with a normal camera and five high precision sensors

One of its main highlights is portability, it weighs about 1.3KG and fits in a backpack. Unlike most air drones, it uses only one mobile app to control. There is also an on-screen preview of the navigation device allowing you to have precise exploration and focus at some specific point.

For you who may be wondering how the mobile phone connection with the device works, it does not happen between the moving drone and the mobile phone. Dory connected to a float / station by a wire responsible for passing commands received by the mobile phone, already the smartphone establishes a WiFi connection with the station. According to the company, this mode was chosen because radio waves do not travel well through water, especially at great depths, so it is necessary to make a wired connection to the surface. She also says that this turns out to be an advantage since you can pull the drone by the rope at any time.

The camera features a 1 / 2.9 "CMOS sensor with a maximum aperture of f / 1.6 and a 50mm lens. It has a variable ISO of 100-3200 and generates photos at a maximum of 2MP (1920×1080) and videos of a maximum of 4MP. images revealed that may give us a notion of the camera's image quality, but from previous models we can get an idea.The video below the Chasing YouTube channel shows the images generated with a previous model.

The starting amount to support the company is already receiving a Dory of $ 349, helping with $ 379 the supporter gets a backpack and is free of charge for delivery worldwide (tip for Brazilians).

This was not the company's first drone, the Dory is actually the third in an improving family, going through Gladius Pro (2017) and Gladius Mini (2018), winner of the Red Dot product design award.

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