Meet DJI OSMO Action, Heavyweight Competitor for GoPro

Meet DJI OSMO Action, Heavyweight Competitor for GoPro

THE OSMO Action gives DJI has finally arrived and we seem to have a strong competitor for the GoPro cameras, especially for the HERO7 Black, current top of the line model is considered by then the best action cam in the market.

We know that GoPro went through a very delicate recent moment that put all its history at stake, precisely with the launch of a drone, the Karma, that days after reaching the market had to be completely retracted due to a project failure, yes , all that was spent on developing this drone was simply going to waste and the company nearly went bankrupt. With the arrival of the HERO7 line, finally good numbers with 20% higher revenue in the first quarter of 2019 compared to 2018, but precisely DJI, famous for its drones, launches an action cam that can take a good deal of camera buyers. GoPro, something that several other companies failed to, but you see, much of the public that buys GoPro products also buys DJI products, so it is much easier for the Chinese company to conquer this user than other brands.

DJI OSMO Action announced for $ 349

OSMO Action came in at $ 349, which would be $ 50 less than GoPro HERO7 Black, but before DJI introduced its new camera, GoPro lowered its top model to $ 350 as well. Leaks even indicated that the value of OSMO Action would be the same $ 399 that GoPro's top model cost, but could simply be an estimated value.

The fact is that this release is very positive for the user of these products, not only because the new camera of DJI is such a good camera when HERO7 Black, bringing among its highlights two screens, being a front where you can see at least the being captured, also supports 4K60p video, slow camera mode and underwater recording, all technologies HERO7 Black also has. At first the DJI camera has longer battery life and some better features such as a more efficient stabilization system, another very positive point at HERO7 Black, but this can only be seen in a real analysis with both models, which we hope to do soon. .

We make it clear that this video is a comparison of specs on top of DJI's announcement announcements and some data we take from reviews from the internet, not a real analysis, which we will soon make as featured.