Meet Datally, Google's App for Managing Your Mobile Internet Data

Meet Datally, Google's App for Managing Your Mobile Internet Data

With an eye on the next billion users and, consequently, in emerging markets, Google today launches Datally, an app that lets Android users understand their data to make the most of their data plans. According to Google, this is one of the challenges ahead for Android to win more people. Datally works on all smartphones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, and is available on Google Play.

Google has done extensive research around the world and found that many smartphone users mention exactly this issue. For most users, there is a confusion of how data franchises work and they are never enough. In addition, they find it difficult to control this use of franchising, and complain that data franchise plans are too expensive.

Today, carriers and users themselves have found ways to solve this data problem: put the smartphone in airplane mode, always be on the lookout for a friend's Wi-Fi network or 4G, use according to plan dates , invest in plans with app packages whose data traffic is not deducted from the franchise or apply a rationing in the use of data at the end of the month.

Android itself, especially Oreo, has data reduction capabilities and tools to help the user save money. But thinking about the average user, who doesn't always know all the features of the operating system that Google created Datally. It is basically an app that makes it easy to use these Android options.

datally side side
Datally data saving app / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The interface is quite simple and boils down to a few good features. In the Data Saver feature, the user can manage the data in each application independently. This way, the user can use the data in the apps that really matter to each one.

After all, much of the problem is that apps often use background data to update content and information. And the Data Saver feature disables background data for these nonessential functions. In Datally tests, there was a savings of up to 30% of mobile data, depending on the mode of use.

Another feature is Data Control: With this feature enabled, when the user is on an app or website, a bubble pops up on the screen with real-time data consumption, as well as offering the option to easily determine how much data is going to go. for each application, as if it were a speedometer for mobile data.

There is also a tool called Find Wi-Fi: This feature shows nearby networks, evaluated by the Datally community. Once connected, users can rate Wi-Fi networks based on their own experience. Datally's Wi-Fi Finder will notify you if you are within range of a public network, and if you are almost there, it will show you the direction to reach the point.

Finally, the app features Custom Alerts for the user to create a data consumption alert and to be warned about their daily, weekly or monthly usage. Over time, the app learns usage patterns and offers more recommendations for making the best use of your mobile internet plan.

IMG 0204
Datally was presented in Brazil / Divulgao

Best of all, Datally occupies about 6MB of space. After all, space on your smartphone is another Google concern to help you get more memory and help them reach the next billion Android users themselves.

Download here the Datally app for your Android

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