Meet Bada OS

Meet Bada OS

Meet Bada OS, Samsung's Proprietary System

"Poor Cousin of Android"

I decided to write this article because I was curious about an operating system I saw on a Samsung phone, it looked like Android … but it wasn't. Bada OS is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung and usually equips cell phones of the Samsung Wave from the company. soon bada

A copy of Symbiam's Android, iPhone, and even

The look and feel of Android, coming on a Samsung mobile phone that resembles the Galaxy line is not even spoken, the way to open the folders and close programs like the iPhone and the way the system works with hardware reminds Symbiam, ie basic for a Smartphone, if we can call it that. Googling, I've read some criticism of the somewhat limited system, it has Samsung Apps as its app store, and we know, I know why I have this app stuck on my Android, which it lacks and has mostly useless apps and such as horoscope apps and currency converters. But Bada has grown, it was launched at the end of 2009, and now it's in version 2, the big advantage I see in it is that it costs the handset a little bit, as a Samsung Wave with Bada comes out around 420 reais But from my point of view the incomplete system, for this cost-effective option I bet a lot more than Firefox OS.

See some system images:

The Bada OS is a clear copy of the Android iPhone design. samsung wave

The Official Bada page is, and there are some websites that specialize in the system in Brazil.

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