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meet augmented reality for RPG

Augmented Reality & Dragons: meet augmented reality for RPG

A US startup plans to invest in increasing immersion in RPG through augmented reality.

Even with the greatest technological advances in games, the classic table RPG genre is still going strong. However, a US startup intends to invest in the modernity of the genre. His idea mainly involves increasing immersion in RPG through augmented reality.

Baptized Augmented Reality & Dragons, the augmented reality feature is in the process of development. Thus, the startup Elder Labs intends an online financing for the project to become even bigger and full of details.

Augmented Reality & Dragons: meet augmented reality for RPG

Dungeon & Dragons in augmented reality?

The main questioning of the Elder Labs, which is based in San Francisco (USA), is how table RPG sessions can become more immersive. Investing in augmented reality features like those made famous by the Pokémon GO game, the company intends to evolve the way we play RPG a little.

The idea is to use tokens similar to runes or gold coins to be the game’s augmented reality platforms. The software would thus use the players’ smartphones to read these coins and create 3D models of characters, monsters and obstacles from fully interactive RPG sessions.

Augmented Reality & Dragons: meet augmented reality for RPG

With that, the startup does not intend to abolish RPG books from games. Instead, the intention is to provide more resources so that players can get even more into their stories. In practice, the characters in augmented reality would serve mainly in the moments of combat, to invent the imaginary of the players.

RPG instruments

RPG sessions with books, data and tokens with rules as we see in Dungeon & Dragons are very famous around the world. Creating software that improves the user experience is not exactly a first for the industry. There are several apps that simulate data results, calculate the points of characters and even generate soundtracks for the games.

However, it is the first time that one of these tools tries to use augmented reality. And, in addition, trying to «bring life» to what players imagine during sessions. The idea of ​​the funding is to raise enough funds so that it is possible until players personalize their own characters through the smartphone.

Augmented Reality & Dragons: meet augmented reality for RPG

The future of RPGs?

With the project, Elder Labs hopes that it will be possible for players to create their own models through the software. And that includes items, characters, monsters and even scenarios! Maybe even one day generate dungeons. The idea is very promising and opens up a vast path that can be taken in several ways.

Who knows what the idea might generate in the future. Initially we have augmented reality combined with QR codes to generate images through the cell phone. But imagine the possibilities of the technique if we include the cutting edge technology of virtual reality glasses. Who knows what table RPG sessions can turn into?

Augmented Reality & Dragons: meet augmented reality for RPG

The start of financing

Elder Labs started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The company initially tries to raise an incredible $ 250,000. With that, she guarantees that she will be able to bring her Augmented Reality & Dragons to both iOS devices and Android.

As of the writing of this text, the company has managed to raise an incredible $ 57,000. However, an arduous path is yet to come for Elder Labs people. His plan is to launch the first version of the app to the public by the second half of 2019.

Source: FuturoExponencial