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Meet Android Pie's Full Lock mode that will help with security

It is a fact that the new unlocking methods present in today's smartphones help in our daily lives while ensuring the security of our data. Both face recognition and fingerprint biometrics are fast and reliable, not to mention smart unlocking. But when do we not want these methods to be used? Android Pie will fix it.

The function, named Lockdown mode, arrived in the Portuguese version as Total Lock. A new feature on all smartphones that already have Android Pie, it can be easily activated and may be essential in certain situations. Briefly, it disables all easy unlocking methods:

  • Face recognition unlocking;
  • Unlocking via biometric reading of the fingerprint, either below the screen or outside the device;
  • Smart Lock unlocks when the device unlocks on a WiFi network, next to a wearable, in one location, reading your face, by voice recognition, when near you or connected via Bluetooth to something;
  • Smart unlocks when we take the device out of our pocket.
AndroidPIT huawei p10 fingerprint 9359
Not always a good biometrics / AndroidPIT

But what is the real and useful use of this tool? After all, I need to activate it manually, with the device in hand, and it can't be accessed remotely via your Google account.

In some countries, it is prohibited by law to force a person to enter their password, whatever service it may be. If anyone, including any authority, forces you to unlock your device, you can refuse, and turning off these methods makes it difficult for you to do anything. The same goes for bad guys.

There are also other very important cases. On iOS there is an option that prevents facial unlocking when we are with our eyes closed, and the same happens on Android. But fingerprint biometrics or face unlocking are things that can even be done without our permission, depending on the opportunity.

With this function, you turn off all these functions, and lock screen notifications are also disabled, even if you allow them normally. How to close your smartphone in a cone. And it can only be broken if you enter your password. Sounds useful, doesn't it?

How to enable Full lock on your smartphone

Enabling Lockdown mode is very easy. Go to the Settings app, then Security and Local. Touch Lock screen preferences and enable Show full lock option. Then the option appears when you keep your finger on the power button, along with other options like Shut Down, Restart, and Screenshot.

google lockdown
Activating Locwdown mode / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

When you need to use it, just tap the option. The screen will immediately enter lock mode and will not even show your notifications (even if you have chosen otherwise in the preferences). To turn off this mode, simply enter your physical password of numbers, drawing or letters.

Did you find this function useful? Want to use?

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