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Meet Android 5 the next version of Google's OS

Check out some news that may come in the next version of Android

Going a lemon tart to?

This week Android 4.2 Jelly Bean surpassed Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich on number of handsets with the operating system.

Although the success of the jelly beans version is great, Google is already planning the new version of the operating system that will be present in some of the best handsets in the world.

As usual the names of the Android version are sweets or desserts and version 5 should be called Key lime pie, than a Galician lemon pie, like the one in this picture.

Although the version has a codename, it still does not have a logo, which one?

All Android versions and mascots

And what is new in the new verse?

The expectation is that the new Android will especially bring native integration with more efficient social networks, as well as more "hands-on" adjustments such as brightness control directly on the top panel with a slider bar.

Android brightness adjustment

Also, the idea is to create configuration profiles that would make things a little easier. Another modification that is foreseen but certainly not to include Swype as Android's standard keyboard, the keyboard developed with samsung technology where you don't have to press the buttons, just drag your finger under the keys and the system guesses the word.

Swype keyboard

Developmental Delays

The new version was due out now in May, but Google is a little late in development, so as not to let users in hand now in May should come out an update for Jelly Bean and it become Android 4.3. New smartphones released from mid-year onwards should come with version 5.

And you reader, what do you expect from the next version of Android?

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