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MEC Student ID App Arrives on the App Store

On Monday (25), the Ministry of Education Launched a new application capable of generating a virtual student ID card, which entitles half-entrance to cinemas, shows and cultural events. However, on the first day the app had not yet been released on the App Store, as it depended on Apple's approval.

Now app j has been released and j can be downloaded for free on iPhone.

This government student card differs from the traditional student card (issued by student entities) in that it is free of charge and requires the student to provide various information that will feed a MEC database, which intends to gather data from all Brazilian students.

Although registration is easy, students will only be able to generate their student ID if their educational institution has submitted their data to the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research. Without registration it will not be possible to take out the card.

Just download the application, choose the educational institution you are enrolled in and fill in the requested data. The information is crossed at the government bases and the card available in the application for free to the student.

Under 18s will need parental consent, which will also need to download the app to allow access. Older people only need to attach an image of themselves and one of CNH or RG.

To download the iPhone version, just follow this link.