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McGyver: Deadly Descent | AndroidPIT

Very beloved character of the Brazilian public, Angus McGyver just won an app just for him. The guy who turns around with the hand now will be present on his Android. But be that the app "McGyver: Deadly Descent"How fun were your TV adventures? Find out here in our latest review.


  • Well crafted graphics and design
  • Wide variety of jigsaw puzzles
  • Compatibility with social networks


  • Recommended for more powerful and large screen devices
Tested with Android version Root Modifications Back tested Current verse
LG G3 4.4.2 At the 1.11 1.11

MacGyver Deadly Descent
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Functions & Usage

McGyver was very successful in the 1980s, and many of the series' longing fans are now big guys with smartphones a chance to drop an app that puts the user on the skin of the agent. The main goal is to help Mac tackle a computer virus that has trapped scientists in a lab. Before they run out of air, the agent must enter the compound and fulfill their missions, encountering puzzles that need to be resolved. Some of them are quite simple, but others may take some time. Anyway, they're fun. And if the player has no patience, there's a free app on the Play Store with cheats.

Of course, the character's main feature is his resourcefulness in dealing with the most lurid cucumbers using reasonably common objects. This could not be lacking in the application; The focus is on puzzles, often displayed in the midst of a technical-scientific atmosphere (one of the first challenges to be deciphered involves lasers and mirrors and very cool, by the way). In other words, the infamous Mac's brain side definitely weighed. It should be mentioned that the game was developed with the "bno" of Lee David Zlotoff, creator of the original series.

mcgyver 3
FairPlay Media Limited / AndroidPIT

Screen & Controls

Each mission to be fulfilled is briefly explained before starting, and the time taken to fulfill the step measured by the application. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to pause the timing and continue later. Generally speaking, the dynamics of the game are very simple and consist of dragging objects using the device screen, aiming at a specific result. In the case of the laser, for example, the mirrors are moved and rotated.

The speed with which each phase is completed is an important factor – as in the series, the idea here of solving problems under pressure – and errors can result in disasters such as explosions. Between one mission and another there are interludes that show the action character in comic book style.

mcgyver 4
FairPlay Media Limited / AndroidPIT

Speed ​​& Stability

In this regard, the robustness of your hardware specifications will count a lot. With various graphic effects and animations, the app will require a little bit of your device. On a high end phone like the G3, the performance was great and the app ran smooth. But it can't be said to be like that on mid-range or low-end devices.

Price / Performance Ratio

Costing about 3 reais, the price / performance ratio of this application is good, because the fun is guaranteed at least for those who like this type of game. And that is true even for those in the big McGyver fan.

Final Verdict

If you're like me, you followed the McGyver show with great excitement when it aired on television. Just listen to the unmistakable introduction of 'Tom Sawyer' (Rush), used in the Brazilian version, to run in front of the TV. The character lived by Richard Dean Anderson captivated the public with his intelligence and his unparalleled ability to use available resources to achieve his goals. Based on this, the application developed by FairPlay prioritizes puzzles over action. That is: if you are expecting one of those games where either puzzle is just a pretext for punching and shooting, pass away. The proposal is precisely to make the brain mass of the user work a little. Similarly, some hardcore fans of the character may be disappointed: I missed the famous pocket knife, for example. For all intents and purposes our review is favorable as the app delivers what it promises when it comes to entertainment.

MacGyver Deadly Descent
Install on Google Play

Application Testing

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