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McAfee Mobile Security: How Does It Work? Advantages and disadvantages

Mobile security apps are used a lot nowadays, after all, your smartphone has more than personal information, it can be from work, from college and so many of which can not be missed.

In addition, there are many of them that are confidential and need extra care, especially with the large amount of viruses and intruders that may have access to your account and handset. Want to be safe? Here's how McAfee Mobile Security works.

McAfee Mobile Security: How Does It Work?

McAfee Mobile Security: How Does It Work? Advantages and disadvantages

A security application developed by Intel Security, its main function is antivirus, but it also has privacy functions such as saving more battery, improving performance and more.

Another important point is that your download completely free. It is available for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices.

It is mostly used for desktops, but you can install it on your smartphone. The app has better features on Android and Kindle Fire, in which case on iOS does not have the function of antivirus.

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The app has:

  • Protection and backup of services;
  • Restoration of contacts;
  • Contact cleaning;
  • Device tracking when lost or stolen;
  • Invasion alerts;
  • Photo safe;
  • Automatic storage of iPhone or iPad when battery is low;
  • Remote alarm;
  • Battery indicator

It is compatible with Apple Watch, where you access the battery levels and other features of the device.


The app is easy to install and does not need many clicks until it is fit to use, while some of the competitors even need a specific login to do so.

It also comes with all the tools already enabled, meaning you do not need to configure it to have all the benefits that are offered.

Analysis Time

The device scans in just 20 seconds, which is considered to be a pretty fast speed, since there are applications that take only 10 seconds and others that can take up to 30 seconds, so it's on average.


McAfee Mobile Security: How Does It Work? Advantages and disadvantages

The app has a list of its functions with different colors so you can perform them. It is considered one of the most complete in the category, but may end up making it too complex, especially for people who have more difficulties with technology in general.


It seems simple, however, something that makes the difference, especially for those who do not have that much money.

Most scanning applications charge between $ 18 to $ 30, while McAffee is completely free.


According to tests, it filtered 99% of the samples in real time and 99% of the samples over the four week period. In addition, it did not present any false alarms of possible intruders.


You can select to have the app do the full device analysis, or if you find it necessary, you can just select a few specific items, be they emails, messages, contacts or others.

With it you also get better performance from your smartphone, because even when not in use, it keeps running and playing its protective role in the phone.

When you access a site that looks suspicious, your application will let you know.


Included in the system is what supports virus protection as it decides which applications will work or not on the smartphone. This blocks malware that might attempt to hack into your smartphone via USB chargers or cables.

Technical Support

Through McAffee technical support, you have access to some step-by-step learning how to resolve your issues. The device site also has forums where there are discussions about certain questions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the device is that it is easy to use, has several features, its settings can be customized and does not take up much space on your device.

The disadvantages are the glaring differences in use between Android and IOS devices.