Cannot Log In - The maximum number of free accounts has been activated on this iPad iPhone

Maximum number of free iCloud accounts: how to resolve

This is a problem that happens a lot with new users who buy used iPhones and iPads, or “inherit” from a relative. When you restore your device and try to create a new iCloud account, the system warns you that it is not possible, because “quota of free accounts”Was reached.

In this article we will explain what it is, why it happens and how to solve the problem.

Why create an iCloud account?

ICloud is essential for using apple devices. It is through it that vital information such as contacts, application settings, synchronization of calendars, notes, passwords and messages are synchronized.

Unfortunately Apple does not allow other types of clouds to connect to the system, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. It has to be exclusively iCloud.

ICloud accounts can only be created on Apple devices. Who doesn’t have one, can’t create an iCloud account. That is different than having an Apple ID, which we will see later in this article.

Limit to create accounts on the device

For security reasons (according to Apple itself), each device can only be create a maximum of 3 iCloud accounts. This happens even if you restore the entire system from scratch, because the creation will be tied to the hardware, not the software.

For this reason, it is very common when someone buys a used iPhone or iPad and has never had an iCloud account, if they encounter the warning that it is no longer possible to create another account on that device. That’s because the maximum limit has already been reached on it.

Cannot Log In - The maximum number of free accounts has been activated on this iPad iPhone

Is every Apple ID already an iCloud account?

No. You can create a new Apple ID directly on the Apple website, but this new account will only be associated with iCloud when you log in to an Apple device. It is the moment when he creates a new iCloud account with his new Apple ID.

But if this device has already created three other iCloud accounts in the past, your new Apple ID will not be able to be associated with the apple cloud, as the quota in this case it was outdated. This is what happens to many who think that it is enough to create an account on the Apple website, which is not true.

An Apple ID created only by the site is very limited and exclusively dedicated to the use of the iWork package on the Web (Pages, Numbers and Keynote). It has free space 1GB limited (different from the initial 5GB of iCloud).

How to solve the problem

If you are receiving the “Can’t sign in“, Then you will have to get another Apple device to create your iCloud account. It can be another iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or even a Mac computer.

Generally, who resells an iPhone is because they bought a new one and want to pass on the old one. If you are buying someone else’s used device, ask them to create the account for you on their new device, as they probably already have a previous iCloud account and will no longer need to create a new one.

If the person does not have it, ask another friend or relative who has an Apple device to create the account on it. You will need to temporarily disconnect iCloud from the device to create a new one.

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