Maxell also sues Apple for patent infringement

Maxell also sues Apple for patent infringement

, the sea is really not very good for Apple: after losing one of the disputes with Qualcomm and being found guilty in a patent infringement case, the company's legal department is already back with another such case.

The electronics and storage solutions manufacturer Maxell opened a lawsuit against Apple yesterday in the Texarkana District Court (Texas, United States) in which it accused Ma of having infringed ten patents of your property. The company is requesting an undefined payment of damages and preventive / permanent injunctions to prevent Apple from using the inventions.

Three of the patents cover foot navigation related technologies used in services with Search My Friends and Apple Maps; others involve aspects such as camera design, wireless file transfer, cellular technology, power control and means of unlocking one device with another. Some of the patents are inherited from Hitachi, which was absorbed by Maxell a few years ago.

In the indictment, the company cited a number of Apple products and services as infringing its patents, such as iPads, iPhones, Macs, iCloud, FaceTime and iTunes. According to Maxell, Ma has had patents since June 2013, and Cupertino's attorneys met with the company's team to discuss possible collaborations, which never happened.

This is a serious case for Apple because Maxell is a large and consolidated company, unlike patent trolls who usually sue her left and right. That is, the Ma's lawyer will get involved in another headache if he doesn't want to settle the matter out of court, that is.

via AppleInsider