Max Payne 3, a game that is still worth 18+


Max Payne 3! A shooting game produced by Rockstar. The Brazilian version came with a caption in Portuguese, which I loved by the way. It can be played on PC (& MAC), PS3 or XBOX360 (you have no excuse for not playing!). And it can still be played single or multiplayer, do you want more?

Today we’re going to talk about a game that if you haven’t played, you’ll have to play! Yes … I shouldn’t talk about this game, because I won’t be impartial. It was the game I played the most last year and it is also one of my favorites.

At that moment you ask yourself: what game is this that left the mine all excited? Hello Kitty the rematch?

I answer:

For those who do not know: Max Payne 3! a shooting game produced by Rockstar. The Brazilian version came with a caption in Portuguese, what I loved by the way. Can be played on PC (& MAC), PS3 or XBOX 360 (you have no excuse for not playing!). And it can still be played single or multiplayer, want more?

Brief Overview of the Opera

THE action starts with the unhappy Payne, drinking at his bosses’ party to support his life, the party itself and his new job as security for the family, nothing complicated, White. And the universe conspires to increase the mood of our protagonist … who sees the party being invaded by bandits who try to kidnap the family for which he works. Whether these bandits will succeed? I won’t tell you, because it’s for you to play! But I say that the game takes place in an unfriendly São Paulo and Max will again be involved in conspiracies. And speaking of “again”, I also want to say that if you already liked the franchise because you thought bullet-time the maximum, I say that he is present in Payne 3. So, if that was the information you needed to go and play… ?

In case you don’t know what it is bullet-time Watch the video:

Technical analysis


The game does not have much history. And look … I wanted action !! Light, camera and Headshot! So, for me, the little bit of history it had was more than enough.


Very good! The game is not new, but I still find the graphics impressive. Look:


I played with mouse and keyboard (yes … I’m cross-eyed and too uncoordinated to play a shooting game with two analogs). So, it was papaya with sugar. I thought the crosshairs (which are just a speck) were meant to make it difficult, but then I was told that there is a way to switch, at least on Xbox3601. Anyway: too good gameplay.

And in multiplayer mode? I didn’t like multiplayer at all, I even try sometimes, but if the game was just multiplayer I would have cursed the Steam store promotion. If you want to kill me for that comment: EryaKatniss

In addition to the modes story and multiplayer the game also brings the mode Arcadian (I confess that I was so fissured in the story mode that I basically did not play arcade, as you will see from the prints on the side).

Young Neo, I know I don’t need to say it, but… Scoring mode the goal is to get the most points and shooting in the head is worth more than shooting in the foot. So: abuse the ShootDodge and aim for the head!

At the One minute from New York2 you have one minute to kill everyone =]Calm down … You get a few seconds for killing enemies. HeadShot worth 06 seconds.

Finally, playing in Arcade mode you get XP and some items to be used in multiplayer and this XP is for you to level up in multiplayer.


I thought it was good! Too good! It is neither impossible nor delayed. I unlocked the achievements of the Middle and Hardcore levels. There is only Old School (Traditional – difficult and no last chance3), but taking painkillers will not be impossible. Now… I didn’t try to play with the controller, so maybe…


Great. In fact, I loved the soundtrack. After zeroing the game I spent a long time listening to the songs. Enjoy and enjoy now = D.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Potential points: Gameplay, Graphics, Audio

Negative point: Multiplayer

General note: 9

Ahhh but the game is old… is it still worth playing?

As well? Of course it is! Not yet? Go go! The price for the PC versions has varied between 8 and 16 reais. And I grabbed worth every penny! For Xbox 360 you can find around 62 and 200. Finally, for Ps3 between 70 and 150 reais.

Opening, opening story and gameplay # 1:

Trailer (Official # 1 subtitled)

Trailer (Official # 2 subtitled) played on the PC, so I don’t know if the information to change the crosshairs on the Xbox proceeds.

2Present in the original by Max Payne. Source: Rockstar.