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Mavic Mini – Meet DJI's sensational 249 gram drone in our unboxing

DJI launched on November 13th in Brazil, a few days after the world release, its newest drone, the Mavic Mini. The event here was very close to the worldwide launch, showing the importance that the company is giving to the Brazilian market. Raissa Mendes, a Brazilian who is responsible for marketing in Latin America, Asia and the Arab Emirates, said that today we are one of the main markets for DJI, so special attention to this product, strategically launched before Black Friday, and also the Christmas that is arriving.


The drone comes in its version "Fly More Combo" with battery and extra propellers, as well as other accessories.

In the video I speak a little of my first impressions with the drone, which highlights its weight of 249 grams, certainly the smallest for a product with this level of quality and features. Another very good feature is its flight range, up to 30 minutes, just 1 less than Mavic 2 and 9 minutes longer than Mavic Air. The camera records video in 2.7K resolution, slightly below Mavic Air, but Very good for the weight / size, and the concept of facilitating the sharing process.

The review is coming soon, we'll talk about other features like the new app DJI Fly, available flight modes, video and photo camera quality, stabilization and other features of the Mavic Mini, which will begin selling in November in Brazil through the combo Fly more, the most complete pack with extra batteries, charging hub and some extra accessories by R $ 4049.