Mavic Air 2 records videos at 8K and flies up to 10Km !? Combo Fly More bring ND filters

OFFICIAL: DJI Mavic Air 2 launched for $ 799 dollars – Know everything about the drone

A few hours to go before the official announcement of the new drone Mavic Air 2 from DJI, but the leaks don't stop. Again, OsitaLV leaker leaked photos of the combo box Fly More of the new Mavic Air 2, and with it confirmation of very important information, such as the specifications of the camera and even the prices of the Fly More combo.

After the announcement tonight I will do a live on the Instagram of the World Connected

We start with the camera, which will not only support recording videos in 4K 60FPS, but also the mode Hyperlapse in 8K, since this method uses photos to generate the final video. It is not yet clear how it will work, but something that makes sense and is already adopted by other brands such as Autel through the EVO II line, which records at 8K 30 FPS and 4K 60FPS, but in this line the values ​​start from $ 1,500 dollars.

Still on the camera, the bit rate rate of 120Mbps was also confirmed, and this specification is directly linked to image quality in high resolution, the higher the resolution, the more important that the bit rate also "increases" together, in case otherwise the quality is bad and loses its meaning.

HDR support in video and photos, recording in 1080p at 240 frames per second, and the 48MP 1/2 CMOS Sensor with f / 2.8 aperture are also present in the camera of the new drone, making it the best ever launched on a model Mavic, probably even when compared to Phantom models that have a more professional use footprint.

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Drone should be the best ever created by DJI for PHOTOS and VDEOS

More information that was leaked and was much expected, about the Fly More combo, which has the greatest output in this product profile. As a great novelty, now it will bring together ND filters (ND16, ND64 and ND256), which help a lot to improve the quality in specific scenarios, such as taking photos with longer opening times to capture those "blurred" effects, interesting especially in photos with water and lights.

The pack also includes a case, charging hub and a total of 3 batteries, as well as a USB hub and a set of extra propellers as a highlight. The price of the Fly More combo at this resale of $ 6699 Yuan (about $ 946), while the regular pack is priced at $ 4999 ($ ​​706). Considering that the value for the international market will be $ 799, that of Fly More may be around $ 1039 or so.

The leaked box further confirms a number of other information, and also suggests that the control distance is 10 km and not 8 km. If this really happens, be the first DJI drone to reach that control distance. It is already known by logic that the company changed the way of connection compared to the first version, but it may have further optimized the connection technology on other lines that already flew up to 8 km.

Stay tuned on our website, the announcement takes place today at 22:30. I intend to make a video on instagram with the news of the event, and tomorrow a full video will come out to Youtube.

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