Mavic Air 2: pilotos n√£o est√£o conseguindo ativar algumas baterias do Combo Fly More

Mavic Air 2: Pilots are unable to activate some batteries of the Combo Fly More

After encountering some instabilities with the hyperlapse, quickshots and recording speed systems of the Mavic Air 2, it seems that, now, some users are having difficulties in activate drone batteries that arrive with the Fly More combo. However, DJI it was quick and has already published instructions for solving this "problem" in its forum.

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Who originally signaled this problem was the DroneXL. The issue here is that Combo FlyMore batteries are sent to users in his hibernation mode – for security reasons. Initial loading of components takes them out of hibernation, but the detail that this only works if the charger used is the single model (charges one battery at a time) that comes with the drone.

To explain it better, the Combo Fly More has three batteries and a multi-loader for several batteries. However, the use of the latter device does not allow the batteries to be taken out of hibernation.

In the DJI publication, two scenarios for this problem are mentioned. If the pilot charged the batteries in the multi-charger and they remain inactive, using the single charger should resolve the issue. However, if the battery activated, but refuses to load, I need to follow the following steps:

1. Place the battery on the drone. Turn it on and wait at least 3 minutes. Disconnect the battery, remove it from the ship and leave it inactive for another 3 minutes. Insert the battery into the charger to charge. It can now be loaded again.4. If the battery level is sufficient when the battery is powered and inserted into the drone, update the battery firmware to the latest version. This can also correct the problem.

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