Mavic Air 2 in pre-sale in Brazil for R $ 7,965 in the basic kit and R $ 9,860 in the Fly More

The drone Mavic Air 2 gives DJI was launched a few hours ago, but Brazilians can now book their unmanned spacecraft for pre-sale. Some DJI certified sites like Beedrones and FlyPro already listed the newest drone, which comes out R $ 7,965 in the basic package and R $ 9,860 in the Fly More kit – that's for deposit.

If the pilots want to buy the Mavic Air 2 in installments, the values ​​go up to R $ 8,850 in the basic and R $ 10,956 on Fly More. It is worth mentioning that we are receiving these values ​​a little in advance, considering that, in the official release of DJI, it is stated that pre-sales in Brazil start from the day 20 of May in all authorized resellers (Submarino, Shoptime, Pontofrio, Americanas, Magazine Luiza and Kalunga). The official price for our country would also be released when the drone reached stores.


48MP sensor, 4K 60FPS video, 34 minutes of flight and 10Km control distance are highlights

Until then, we had the dollar values ​​- $ 799 in the basic package, and $ 998 on Fly More. According to DJI's planning, he should arrive on Brazilian soil in the second half of June. However, both sites mentioned earlier claim that the first batch of drones will be in the hands of pilots between May 25 and 29, with 1 year warranty in Brazil given by DJI itself, in addition to Anatel approval.

The Fly More combo offers, in addition to the ship and control: – 3 smart flight batteries; – Gimbal protector; – 6 pairs of propellers (2 complete sets + an extra pair); – USB / USB-C cable; – Charger of national standard batteries 110v / 220v; – Charging hub; – Adapter that turns the drone's battery into a power bank; – Carrying case; – 3 ND filters with case; – RC Lightning cable (Apple standard); – RC Standard Micro cable USB – RC cable (USB-C) – 2 pairs of control pins;

The Mavic Air 2 brings impressive specifications to the market and several improvements over its first generation. Worthy of the title of the best drone for photography today, it has a 48MP camera able to provide resolution videos up to 8K in Hyperlapse mode (which uses photos to generate a final video). In addition, he is the first drone in the Mavic line to support 4K video recording at 60 frames per second (fps) – until then, we stopped at 30fps with this resolution.

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New model arrives just over 2 years after its predecessor as one of the best drones ever released

Another pioneering novelty for the line is the introduction of technology AirSense in the MA2UE3W model, which brings a security system based on ADS-B sensor, capable of detecting other aircraft around, such as airplanes and helicopters. DJI is launching two versions of the Mavic Air 2: one with and one without the ADS-B. The one that is being marketed first does not have the sensor.

More highlights include increasing the control distance to 10Km, flight range of 34 minutes and a completely redesigned control. To deepen these changes, you can then read our article comparing the first generation Mavic Air and Mavic Air 2. Thanks to Bruno da Floripa Fly.

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