Math Workout – Brain Exercise

Postmodern life (because it is modern, it has nothing …) demands a lot and almost all the time from our brains. We are always thinking of something. And these thoughts are concerns, pondering, reflections or even ways of creating business strategies. Even so, the gray matter still gives us space to exercise our neurons. That way we get smarter to work those thoughts. There are those who play Sudoku. Others prefer crossword puzzles. All this to stimulate thought and intelligence. Math Workout may be one of those apps that may well be part of the brain exercise tool list. With it, you can test your math skills. See what our team has to say about this app in our review today.

Functions & Usage

First impression about the app: These are math exercises for elementary students or adults who have not done well in the subject or who need to solve simple problems in algebra. After all, solving 8×2 or 6-2 accounts is one of the most challenging things. No doubt they are good for children, but many of us know much more about math than super-simple multiplication table accounts. But make no mistake: The first challenges of Math Workout are just to know what kind of player you are. From its first performance, the application will send new challenges more adapted to your mathematical ability. Your competitors: yourself and time. Their progress or return can be controlled using the graphs.

The options:

Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division I'm Feeling Clever! (I'm smart) – All basic arithmetic operations in 20 equationsWorld Challenge – 50 equations with the highest scores on the Internet.

The difficulty level, by default, is easy. In order to get to the medium and high levels, you have to pass the I'm feeling clever level, solving the 20 equations in a timely manner. From this you will have the options cited available.


Math Workout is a great app. Many users keep it on their devices to revisit it many months after it has been installed to recover some "brain gas". If your case of those getting high score, you will undoubtedly have fun with this app.

Screen & Controls

Math Workout has a very easy layout to use. The menu consists of radio buttons and arithmetic problems are shown at the top of the screen. Answers should be typed at the bottom of the screen. The fun and innovative design.

Speed ​​& Stability

Once installed, Math Workout can be accessed quickly and easily. Arithmetic tests work very well on all levels of difficulty. The app ran smoothly during the testing phase.

Price / Performance Ratio

Math Workout is available on the Android Market for free. The app in its free version has advertising banners. The premium version, in turn, does not have this inconvinient.

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