Mate X: Huawei sells 100,000 folding cell units per month

Huawei has announced that it has sold 100,000 units of its Mate X folding smartphone since its launch last November. That means the company sold about 200,000 units of the device. The important number to understand is the acceptance of this type of product in the market, with other companies looking for investments in the area and working to make mobile more popular.

With Samsung as the main competitor in this market and a still very experimental product, Huawei remained on Chinese soil, the product sold only in the country's country which limits its sales. South Korea already bets more and in fact sells more folding phones, the handset costs about $ 2,000 and can be purchased in the US, Canada, South Korea and China.

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Recently, Young Sohn, a Samsung executive, said the company would have sold 1 million units of the Galaxy Fold, in addition, he commented that there are a million people who want to use the product. A million units would be an astonishing number of sales for a Fold price range product and with the risks included in a first line of its kind. It turns out that shortly afterwards, Samsung corrected the executive by stating that, in fact, it sold about 400,000 units of the phone. The employee of the company would have confused and mentioned the sales target set by Samsung.

Despite being behind Samsung in sales, Huawei continues to sell well and possibly increase its numbers in the coming months. According to the Chinese newspaper SinaHuawei halved the delivery time of its products, so those who buy the folding cell phone on Friday receive a maximum until Tuesday. Currently, Mate X is costing $ 2447 and Galaxy Fold is $ 2303.

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