Marvis Pro is a highly customizable, gesture-packed Apple Music client.

Marvis Pro is a highly customizable, gesture-packed Apple Music client.

The alternative customer market for the Apple music On iOS, made possible by the MusicKit API, it's really fruitful which, at the very least, is a testament that Ma could be doing a better job than the current one on the platform's native app. We are already talking about Soor, and today it is time to comment on another option of the branch: the Marvis Pro.

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Developed by Indian Aditya Rajveer, the app is localized for over ten languages ​​(including the Portuguese from Brazil), and you can adjust the language independently of the system. It has an accurate, well-thought-out Apple Music navigation interface, fully gesture-based, and a slew of customization options to let you make the app your own.

The app's start screen can be adjusted to show exactly what you want, between playlists, recent adies, favorite artists, albums, Top 100 of service, radios and more. The thoughtful sidebar: Just drag your finger to the right and then up or down to select the desired option (such as “Music”, “Artists”, “Genres”, etc.).

In the sidebar, too, you have access to the app's universal search, which returns real-time results as you type from both Apple Music and your own library. On any Marvis Pro screen (including search), you can hold elements and drag them to any of the options that temporarily pop up at the bottom to either start random play or place them at the beginning / end of the play queue. or add them to a playlist. Like any card-based interface, you always go back to the previous screen simply by sliding your finger down at any time.

One of the coolest parts of Marvis Pro is the customization of just about everything: the adjustable home screen sections, for example, have over 30 parameters that you can choose from, with interface options, layout of elements and information display. additional. On the playback screen, you can also see in-depth information of the songs and statistics related to your playback quantity (how many times you have listened to a particular song, the last time you listened / skipped, the total playback time, etc.).

There is also an integration with and Musixmatch, synchronizing the lyrics with the music being played.

The app has a lot of cool extras like dark mode, customizable icons, AirPlay 2 support, landscape mode and integration. Due to MusicKit's traditional limitations, it is unfortunately not possible to remove music from your playlists/ library or know what your friends are listening to.

Still, it's worth a try for a different experience than Apple itself. Marvis Pro costs $ 15 on the App Store.

Lightning promotion of promo codes!

Marvis Pro developer sent us five promo codes of the app to distribute among you. Obviously, they can only be redeemed one at a time so be quick:


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Good, guys!

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