MarsCat é um gato robô chinês que desenvolve personalidade única

MarsCat is a chinese robin cat that develops unique personality

The Chinese Technology Company Elephant robotics introduced your cat-rob MarsCat, which uses open-source software to develop a unique personality for each user. The product is under collective financing through the platform. Kickstarter, which means you can already support the project.


Company hopes to challenge OLED dominance with new models

Whatever is necessary for it to come true, as the goal of $ 20,000 ($ 80,894 in direct conversion) was quickly reached. At the moment, $ 55,814 has already been pledged by 75 supporters, and the project will still be up for 40 days.

Kickstarter Campaign: Elephant Robotics MarsCat

"MarsCat is the first binary pet developed by Elephant Robotics, with the goal of being a domestic robot, a robotic pet to comfort and surprise you. Just like a real cat, the MarsCat is totally autonomous. any extra instruction to control your movements. "Elephant Robotics Official Press Release

Those who promise at least $ 5 will not only contribute to the MarsCat project, but will also donate $ 1 to three different non-governmental organizations all in support of homeless animals. Users who support the project in this first tier will still be invited to join a group with the MarsCat creator and will receive a thank-you note with an exclusive discount coupon after launch.

Source: Elephant Robotics

"(The MarsCat) is totally responsive and sensitive to interactions. He can feel his touch, hear his voice, see his face and play with toys. Each MarsCat is unique, from his eyes, his body and his personality, that will change according to the way you interact with it. With a powerful Raspberry Pi quad-core, you can easily program it, bringing endless possibilities. "Elephant Robotics Official Press Release

Who invests at least $ 649 in the project will be among the first 100 people in the world to receive MarsCat. In addition, these people will receive a great discount, as the suggested price of the product will be $ 1,299.

Source: Elephant Robotics

There are also $ 699 and $ 749 to receive a MarsCat with special extras like Early Access to the Software Development Kit and gift packages. 10 users will still be able to support the project and purchase four robotic cats at one time. To top it all off, there are distributors who pay $ 5,999 for 10 units of the product.

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