Mark Zuckerberg responds to comments from Tim Cook, saying "Apple strives to charge more to its consumers"

You certainly remember when, last week, Tim Cook made some very heavy comments about the Facebook scandal; if not, suffice it to say that the executive stated that he “would not be in the situation” of Mark Zuckerberg if it were in its place and that Apple, unlike the social giant, "will not traffic the personal lives" of users. Ui.

Well, it seems that Cook's comments, as expected, were not received very well by the creator of Facebook.

In a long (and very interesting) interview for Vox, Zuckerberg classified the claims of the Apple CEO as liars.

On the question posed by Cook, that the Facebook product is the users, the young billionaire replied:

You know, I think this argument, that if you're not paying for some reason, we don't care about you, is extremely simplistic.

And not at all in line with reality.

The reality here is that if you want to build a service that helps connect people around the world, there are many people in the world who cannot afford it.

And therefore, like a lot of media types, having an ad-supported model is the only rational solution that can make this service available to people.

() On Facebook, we are totally in the field of companies that work hard to charge less and offer the world a free service that everyone can use.

I don't think, by any means, that it means that we don't care about people.

Zuckerberg also retaliated against Cook's suggestion that Facebook wouldn't care about people with another argument: that Apple charges too much for what it offers.

If you want to build a service that is not just serving the rich, then you need to have something that people can get.

I think it is important that we do not acquire a kind of Stockholm syndrome and let the companies that strive to charge you more convince you that they really care more about you, because to me, that sounds ridiculous.

As they say in the gringa, fired shots.

Which side are you on?

via MacRumors