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Maps on iOS 13 will have “Collections”, new “Favorites” and “Street View” view [atualizado: mais]

Of all the features Apple offers on iOS and macOS, perhaps the most underrated is the Maps (Maps) And of course you know the reason.

But almost a year ago, Ma announced that it would rebuild its service from scratch. The first changes have already been released on iOS 12; now with the presentation of the iOS 13 This week, we saw that Apple took an even bigger step on that evolutionary scale.

Among the news, Apple has implemented a new view mode called Look Around (“Look Around”), a new tab Colees and more options “Favorites”, among other improvements.

Look Around ("Look around")

If I told you that you could "walk" down a street from an app, you would probably think about Google Maps, right? Beginning with iOS 13, this will also be true in the iOS Native Maps app through the Look Around.

Look Around feature on iOS 13 Maps

With him, the navigation through streets and avenues similar to “Street View”, by Google (360 viewable). However, Ma has added some very interesting features, including the ability to navigate the standard map while you simultaneously track the view of that place through Look Around in mode Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

Look Around feature on iOS 13 Maps

Unlike Google, Ma began collecting map data relatively recently through cars and people equipped with backpack cameras.

Favorites and Colees

In iOS 13, the "Favorites" Maps option will also be expanded, allowing you to search for specific locations and add them to favorites list for quick access.

Some favorite places set by default are "Home" and "Work", but you can add basically any point on the map. Siri may also suggest some places for you to favor them based on their use.

There will be yet another feature called "Colees", where you can add different places to make lists with points you want to visit, such as restaurants, parks, etc. All Colees lists can be shared with family and friends so they can quickly see those places.


During the iOS 13 presentation, Apple mentioned a “redesigned interface” of its Maps, but according to MacRumors this may be related to changes that Ma has already begun to implement in the latest versions of iOS 12.

Apple Maps - Before and After Animated GIF

However, it is possible to see some changes in the Maps main interface even in areas where iOS 12 changes have already been implemented, such as viewing road hazards and traffic conditions (which are usually displayed during turn-by-turn negation).

· • ·

Apple said its updated maps, including the new view Look Around, will be available in some regions of the United States (such as California and Nevada) initially, and in all states by the end of this year. Other countries (not mentioned) will be new throughout 2020.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 06/12/2019 s 10:30

Another great new feature of Apple Maps on iOS 13 will be real-time route sharing with friends / relatives, as is possible with Waze and Google Maps.

When you share your route, the other person receives a notification and can track your movement on the map itself. If you stop or experience unexpected traffic, the person is also informed of the updated arrival time by a new push.

It was time! 😉

via 9to5Mac