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Maps: expansion of the Look Around feature in the USA; public transport information in Hong Kong

Gradually, the resources of Maps from Apple are being made available (and tested) in more regions; among them, the Look around (Look Around), released with iOS 13, and traffic and public transit information.

Let’s check out the latest news?

Look Around Chicago

After expanding to Boston, Philadelphia and the United States capital (Washington, DC), the Look Around feature (similar to Google Street View) came to Chicago, in the US state of Illinois, as released by cartographer Justin O’Beirne.

According to O’Beirne, Apple’s resource now covers 0.3% of the U.S. land area and about 13.8% of the American population. This means that the company has a long way to go – but, at least in terms of service quality, it is ahead of Google.

Not surprisingly, Apple is prioritizing the largest American cities in order to reach the largest number of people more quickly; however, O’Beirne said the Apple is also targeting tourist spots, such as the cities of Las Vegas (in Nevada) and Honolulu (in Hawaii) as future targets.

New mappings in Europe

According to an Apple page, Apple vehicles will begin to run on the Belgium and for Netherlands In this month. This means that the company will collect data in these regions to improve the Maps and, of course, expand resources like Look Around the Countries.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s vehicles have traveled to other European countries, such as Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden – in addition to other regions on the globe. In some areas where the streets are not easily accessible, Apple sends employees with a backpack system to collect the data.

Public transport in Hong Kong

Residents of Hong Kong they can now view public transport information in the metropolis. This feature was finally made possible after only visitors from the region could see this information, as disclosed by the blog Ata Distance.

This was because ‌Mapas‌ used two different data sources in Hong Kong: one for iPhones purchased in the region (continental) and one for those purchased outside (non-continental). This caused an unusual situation in which transit routes were available to visitors, but not to residents – due to the administrative region’s self-governance and autonomy disputes with China.

We now have traffic information for Hong Kong on Apple Maps! And yes, unless your city has the same population density, please don’t tell me how public transport doesn’t work.

With this problem fixed, Hong Kong residents can now search for routes and schedules for train, bus and other stations. The only limitation in the region, however, appears to be the internal maps.

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