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Manufacturer plans to launch Apple Watch compatible glucose monitor

Who follows the already read about the Dexcom, an American company that manufactures glucose monitoring kits. Earlier last year, we selected four apps that can help you control your diabetes, including One Drop (which offers media support from the company's devices).

Dexcom glucose monitoring solutions

Recently, the manufacturer announced the new G6 CGM System lineup to be released soon, including a version compatible with the Apple watch which allow diabetes patients track glucose content in the blood from the gadget Apple wearable.

The news was announced by Dexcom's own CEO Kevin Sayer during an interview on the show. Mad money, gives CNBC.

Sayer has not released much of the tool's details, and while it is possible to keep track of the information recorded by the Dexcom G6 transmitter on Apple Watch, the news may provide a version of watchOS, possibly with more features.

I need to make a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) and make it much smaller. We really think it will be a device for future generations and a platform that will last forever. Be wonderful.

The company also announced that it would contribute to other institutions, such as Verily, a Alphabet subsidiary that is dedicated to the study of life sciences and pharmaceutical giants CVS Health and Walgreens.

In Apple's case, this partnership will certainly help in fulfilling Tim Cook's proposal on the company's biggest contribution to humanity to be in the health area.

via Cult of Mac