Manufacturer “creates” case for “iPhone 11 Pro” with space dedicated to Apple Pencil

Manufacturer “creates” case for “iPhone 11 Pro” with space dedicated to Apple Pencil

You may have heard / read something about the possibility that new iPhones support the Apple pencil. This is a rumor of 2018 that did not come true and that came back with everything in 2019.

Well now, the case maker Olixe You're betting your chips on it. Not only that future iPhones offer such support, but Apple has launched a new Pencil created with the new line of smartphones in mind. Why? Well, she designed a new case with a space dedicated to a pencil up to then not commercialized by Ma, as we can see in the store. MobileFun.

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Based on the images (the top one shows a brown case, but there are also gray and silver gray variations), this supposed new pencil would be smaller and possibly lighter in order to be easily carried along with the iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, Olixar “leaked” the image of a case for iPad Pro with USB-C input which proved correct after all. Recently, she has also shown new cases with a beautiful square cutout to house the supposed three cameras of future handsets.

On the other hand, as one reader of the MacRumors, Olixar "pre-sold" cases for the "iPhone SE 2" in 2018 (as we know, the device was never released), which yielded a good amount of media for the company. Create raddress of such a case and not putting it on the market something cheap and simple to do, which can be viewed as a beautiful marketing ploy.

So there is the usual warning: do not take the rumor as something accurate. 😉

via Cult of Mac