[Manual BDI] Syncing your iPhone or iPad with a new computer

Sync with new computer

Situation: you changed computers and now every time you connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to it, a warning appears that threatens you, saying that all your data will be deleted. What to do when we want to sync our device to a new computer?

See in this tutorial how to make your computer recognize your device without losing any data.

Just a single computer

Apple revolutionized the music industry by popularizing digital album sales. But in the beginning it was very difficult to convince record companies that the act of turning the tracks into a digital file would not contribute to piracy. At that time, sharing services like Napster it was their headache.

With that, Apple ended up giving in to some requirements to make it difficult to exchange files between one user and another. The limitation of file exchanges by bluetooth, for example, is due to this, as well as the inability to sync your iPhone or iPad with more than one different computer. You can only synchronize on yours, on no other, otherwise all existing files on the device will be deleted.

Data deletion notice

This is a problem for users who change computers, for example, who often do not know how to synchronize their device on the new machine. That’s why we did a step by step so you don’t have any headaches with this.

Synchronizing with another computer

Well, if you want to start syncing your iPhone, iPod or iPad with another computer, you need to do some boring procedures to first save all your data and be able to recover it on the new machine. Follow the steps.

Step 1: authorize your new computer

Authorize the PC before synchronizing

Before the device’s applications can be transferred to the new computer, you must first authorize it with the App Store account (or accounts), otherwise iTunes will delete them from the device. To do this, open iTunes on your computer (Windows or Mac) and from the Store menu, select Authorize This Computer.

Authorizing the computer

Then just enter the username and password of the desired account and, from this moment on, the computer is authorized to handle your applications. If you use more accounts (either from your family members or from other countries), you must repeat the process for each one.

If you still have access to your old computer, ideally disallow it. That’s because Apple only allows you to authorize 5 different computers at the same time and if you leave the old ones authorized, there will come a time when you won’t be able to authorize any more. If you are having this problem and can no longer access the old computers, it is possible to deauthorize everything through iTunes, in your account. See the link below to learn how to do this.

How to deauthorize computers in iTunes

Step 2: make a backup copy of your data

Connect your device to the new computer and, with iTunes open, back up the data on the device to the new PC. For this, we made a detailed tutorial that explains the step-by-step (see the link below). In this case, there is no point in having a backup only on iCloud, because what we are trying to do is pass all your data to your new computer. That is why the need to back up iTunes.

How to back up iPhone, iPod or iPad data in iTunes on your computer

As a guarantee, activate iCloud on your device and make a backup also in the cloud, to have an extra level of security with your data. ?

Back up to iCloud

Step 3: transfer purchases made on the device

Following the same process as in Step 2, you will now select the “Transfer Purchases“. This will transfer all applications on your iPhone or iPad to your computer. If you downloaded any music or movie from the iTunes Store on your device, they will also be downloaded. Unfortunately songs and photos that you have placed independently on the device will not be transferred to the PC and therefore you will have to resort to Step 4.

Step 4: transfer your music and photos from iOS to your computer

Since iTunes doesn’t transfer music from iOS to the computer (remember the deal Apple made with the record companies?), We will have to use a different program to do this. It is called iTools and has a version for both Windows and Mac. To know how to do it, just follow the link below:

How to copy music and books from iPad and iPhone to computer

Photo albums are also not transferred by iTunes and you will also have to use another program to recover them. Here’s how to do it:

How to transfer photo albums from iPhone or iPad back to the computer

Step 5: transfer files from one PC to another

The first 4 steps are enough for you to already have your most important data on the new computer, but perhaps in your files you have applications that are no longer available in the store and still want to use them. So, ideally, you should also make a copy of the original files from one computer to another. To do this, you can manually copy all application files. They are found in the following folders, according to your operating system:

Mac OS X:/ Users / Username / Music / iTunes / Mobile Applications

Windows XP: Documents and Settings username My Documents My Music iTunes iTunes Media Mobile Applications

Windows Vista or Windows 7: Users username Music iTunes iTunes Media Mobile Applications

Take all the files and copy them to the folder of the same name. You may need to select all of them and ask to open in iTunes, so that the program’s library is updated.

How to move all your iOS apps to another computer

Do the same thing with your songs that were not present on the device. They are in the same path as described above, but in the folder iTunes Music. If your library is not large and you already had all your music on the device, Step 4 has done all the work.

Final step: definitively synchronizing the device with the new computer


Now you have all your data on the new computer and the risks of losing something are practically non-existent. You can then move on to the final step and synchronize your device with the new computer.

If when connecting your device with iTunes, your computer shows you that scary warning that everything on your device will be erased, simply accept and let it erase everything. Then, recover the backup you made on that iTunes and it will reinstall all your applications on the device. The music and photos you have on your computer can also be put back on your device.

After that, your new computer and your device will be friends and will have no more disagreements. ?

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