[Manual BDI] Managing your calendar alerts on your iPhone or iPad

Standard Calendar Alerts

Whenever you create an event on any iOS calendar, you can set an audible / visual alert for that specific event, as far in advance as you want. But for subscribed calendars or birthdays, there is no option to configure alerts individually.

What not everyone knows is that the system allows you to set a standard alert for events and birthdays, regardless of the calendar. See how to set it up quickly and easily.

To always be notified about a birthday that is on your calendar, or events on your calendar, it is possible to configure in Settings that it creates an audible (or only visual) alert by default. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings and go to the menu Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scrolling down the page, look for Standard Alerts on the calendars part. On the iPad, the path is exactly the same.

Standard Alerts

Step 2: If you have never configured this part before, you will probably have all options with none standard alert. Tap on each one to set the time you want to be alerted.

Standard Alerts Standard Alerts

There, from now on the calendar will always send an alert of events according to your configuration.

How to configure Notifications

You can still choose how you want these Calendar alerts to appear. See how:

Step 3: Go in Settings> Notifications and look in the menu for Calendar.


Step 4: Configure how you prefer to be notified of Calendar events. Per banner, for alerts, on the locked screen, etc.


That way, you won’t miss any more event times. ?

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