[Manual BDI] Learn how to download a book from the iBookstore

Finally we have our own iBookstore in Brazil, with hundreds of books in Portuguese and already in the format compatible with our iPads, iPhones and iPods. But perhaps not everyone knows how it works and, mainly, how it is possible to have access to the book collection.

In this tutorial, we will explain all the details of how to download books and read them comfortably on your device.

♦ What is the iBookstore?

Apple’s e-book store opened on April 3, 2010, the same day as the launch of first iPad (yes, it’s been a while) and until then it didn’t work completely in Brazil. In our store, we only had a few dozen public domain books, often poorly formatted for the format ePub.

The format ePub is a standard for the distribution of digital books. It has the characteristic of adapting the text format according to the size of the screen, so it is possible to read the text without difficulty on both iPad and iPhone.

The opening of a store in the country depended not only on Apple, but also on national publishers. After all, you can’t open a bookstore if you don’t have books to sell. And to be successful, it would also be necessary to make available best sellers more known. The fight was long, since national publishers still have a lot of resistance in relation to the digital format, because of the fear of piracy. Books that fall on the internet to be made available for free are a real nightmare for anyone working in the field.

It was difficult for Apple to convince that the works made available on the iBookstore are locked with DRM (copy protection) and can only be read on iPhones, iPods and iPads that contain the account of the buyer, making it very difficult to copy.

Another difficulty faced by Apple was the sale of books in dollars, which makes it difficult to popularize in a country that works more with debit cards (which only accept reais). She tried to nationalize her stores, but taxes and bureaucracy hindered the mission, and the project appears to have been postponed.

After more than two years and 7 months of its debut, the iBookstore finally opens in the country, allowing iOS users to access books already in the ideal format to read on their devices.

♦ How to access the iBookstore

To access the iBookstore, you must first install the iOS book reader application, the iBooks. It is free and can be downloaded through this link.

Once installed, just tap the button STORE and you’ll see your bookcase spin, showing the store.

To return to your bookcase, tap the button Library.

You can also access the iBookstore through the program iTunes on Mac or Windows. But in this case, you will only be able to buy and download books, without being able to read them on the computer.

♦ iTunes Store account

To download a book, you need to have a brazilian account from the iTunes Store, the same one used to download apps on your iPhone or iPad. If you are logged into an account in another country, you will not be able to view the Brazilian store with the book options in Portuguese, although some of them are also available in other countries.

If you don’t have a Brazilian account yet, learn how to create one here.

♦ How to download a free sample of any book

The iBookstore allows you to download a free sample of the book before purchasing. This sample can be a chapter or the first pages, depending on what the editor has released. Some only have the preface and nothing more.

The option is great for you to see how the book is and have to decide before buying. You can download samples from as many books as you like and delete them if you don’t like it. At the end of it, the last page has a link for you to buy, if you want.

To download a sample, open the bookmark you want and tap the button Sample. A red tag will identify the book on your bookshelf.

♦ On what devices can iBookstore books be read?

Books downloaded from the Apple store have DRM and can only be opened at iOS devices. They are not compatible with other devices (Android or eReaders) and cannot be read on the computer. The solution is only for those who have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

♦ Are there free books in the store or just paid?

There are some free books in the store, but you have to dig to find them. As an example, we can mention a few:

❖ People Marketing – Mário Persona❖ Copyright in the Digital Society – Alexandre Pires Vieira❖ Mr. Psychologist, Tell me how to be happy – Stélio Inácio❖ Yellow Submarine – The Beatles❖ The Constitution and the Supreme – STF❖ Complete Works of Machado of Assisi – Volume I – Romances